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Forums > Old News > : StarCraft Event : StarCraft Event

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 14
Post Date: 01/28/07 @ 1:23AM Topic: : StarCraft Event

Thanks to all the players.

Hope you had fun. Check out our website ( for info on our next LAN event.

StarCraft Broodwar Winner List!

First Place
Prize: Gear Grip, Mouse, Lanyards, 1 GB Memory, and a Headset
Player: Matthew Lassiter

Second Place
Prize: Bawls, T-shirts, Mouse, Lanyards, and a Headset
Players: Daniel Gray

Third Place
Prize: Hat, Lanyard, Stress balls, and Headset
Players: Ross Montafia

We also gave out some great prizes during both the StarCraft and Quake 3 events.

Hope everyone had fun.

LagLess LAN Admin
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