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Forums > Old News > G2E 2007
G2E 2007

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Post Date: 01/28/07 @ 4:36AM Topic: G2E 2007

As things are still fresh in my mind I will look back on a day filled with fun and halo 2, O and the trash talk that sometimes was thrown in!

As for the 4v4 at first it seemed like nothing was going to run smooth, be it with the rules that were posted, and then changed! (Thanks) even tho more was changed and they were still wrong! after the first few cycles things started to run more smoothly, and we placed 2nd only losing by 1 cap from a team full of known, mlg pro players!

Things to change for next year:
1.All boxes must have 1.1 patch or newest update, be it in tourney room or free play

2.No plasma tvs, horrible for gaming, framerate lags

3.BR Start, No pistol as secondary

4.Do not let Chris Thomas run anything to do with the tourney, because he obvisously isnt professional in what he does and brings up peoples shape and stature, as I mean I coulda said some mean things about him, yes Im short but your still a dumbass!

5.The person making the rules needs to know the rules, Semi Finals-I say ball time is 3 mins to win, he says 2, well we are on a way to an easy victory and he says end the game its supposed to be 3 mins, I mean I dont know if this was on purpose or what, But he acted like I wasnt supposed to be pissed about that, I mean I was telling him how to run things on here like the whole week before

6.Have money and prizes ready to hand out! kinda stinks I cant come home iwht money in pocket!

As for the Expo: Was pretty cool, I met a whole lot of people from NC that take the same interest in Halo 2, even tho they are worse than me today!

O and for "Team # 5" your team is horrible, you play on host and we beat you two games, and then I get to tell you to leave the room, because I dont want you in there to watch the finals and you wanna fight me that was pretty funny!

O and who ever the sponsored kids were with the cingular and other companies on there shirts, Can I please have those shirts, because you arent worthy to be sponsored, you complained about losing in the first round from the double Shot! you must be bad, you lost in the first round, O and how is the lawyer doing, I mean you did bring him into it!

Also, the awards ceremony was short and sweet which was cool, but it woulda been cooler if more people stayed! and Chris I hope you read this, because you looked me striaght in the eye as you said we stayed up till 6 in the morning and were back here at 8 for this tourney, did aanyone else brag about how much time they put into it? your rules were crap, I guess you dont play this game, I mean why would they put you in charge of it, O yea and I liked how when I said I had told you what to do for the past week, your buddy working with you was like thats Itz Hack3r, Im glad I can leave my mark

See ya next year

Hopefully this wont be deleted

PS MLG 07 gametypes are going to be played next year, watch!
2010 Attendee

Goldsboro, NC
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Post Date: 01/28/07 @ 3:45PM Topic: Re: G2E 2007

In regards to money in your pocket...

We will NEVER give money away the day of the tournament. It is a HUGE security problem. I wish we could of given some huge checks (The fake ones you always see people get) to show off, but imagine having 600$ in your pocket in that parking lot at 11:00PM.

I hope you understand, but it is also a nightmare trying to get all of the money sorted out when there is a lot of stuff going on.

In regards to the plama TV's, we had those because Walmart and Sams were gracious enough to let us borrow them. We we not able to pick which ones we got, and I am happy they got us what they did.

But yeah, playing on Plasma is a bitch, but at least we had TV's.

[Edited on 01/28/07 @ 2:47pm]

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Goldsboro, NC
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Post Date: 01/28/07 @ 9:53PM Topic: Re: G2E 2007

Thank you for your feedback, we sincerely appreciate feedback from our attendees we will take it into consideration for next year.

1. All Hardware is provided as is the night before the event, if a sponsor provides us with an unpatched system we simply do not have the staff to update all the systems and also stay awake the next day to run the event.

2. Again provided by sponsors. We did the best we can for your viewing pleasure.

3. Completely up to the tournament director, if they want you to all play while standing on your head, they could. I personally would enjoy seeing that :-)

4. Chris Thomas is a very dedicated member of our staff and helped in the creation of this event. His professionism may have been compromised but we all make mistakes and they will be dealt with in a VERY professional manner on my end. Feel confident in that fact.

5. Noted for next year.

6. I am sorry but we will NEVER give Cash the day of a event, there are many reasons for this mainly Attendee Safety after the event is over.

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-

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Post Date: 01/29/07 @ 7:04AM Topic: Re: G2E 2007

Cool, Yea the tvs were hard to play on!

and for the money thing, I understand that!

If you need any help next year, I seriously will help you get more attendees for your tourneys! The best part besides the tourneys was the Q and A at the end, that was cool

AIM- Professorpwns

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