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Forums > The Lounge > COD4 and UT3 sadness
COD4 and UT3 sadness


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Site Admin

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 554
Post Date: 01/16/08 @ 12:09PM Topic: COD4 and UT3 sadness

It is with much regret that I must inform everyone that we will not be having COD4 and UT3 on the very nice high end PCs that we had last year.

The company that brought the High End PCs last year was unable to secure enough sponsors to come again this year. Apparently a good number of their sponsors have not finalized their 2008 budgets as of yet.

We will still have sponsored StarCraft Broodwars and Quake III Arena tournaments which means cash and prizes for those two tournaments.

Also we will have America's Army PCs setup in the room where the High End PCs were last year!

Plans are already in the works to make 2009 the year of the PC comeback so expect some amazing computer based tournament play in 2009.

[Edited on 01/16/08 @ 12:10PM]

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-



2008 CGS
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2010 CGS

Kinston, NC
Posts: 32
Post Date: 01/17/08 @ 11:16PM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

If this is the case then I'm begging you to let us know what in the world the rules are going to be (basically what maps are going to be played for each game). Could we at least do a non-blood bath deal on StarCraft or 1v1 on Quake 3?

Kind of a selfish plea but if these are the only PC tournaments we're going to have, maybe they could be more extensive than last year?

Posts: 81
Post Date: 01/18/08 @ 12:42AM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

There is a thread up in the tournaments forum for Starcraft suggestions. We still haven't gotten any. If people don't tell us what they want to play, then how the hell are we supposed to know?

Post your rules/maps thoughts in that forum. As for Quake 3, at the moment it is a 2v2, but who knows, if we get done with SC and all soon enough we might do a small 1v1 tourney.

If you want something to happen don't just post in random threads, make your own thread about it, with big bold letters that say PC TOURNEY DIRECTORS LOOK HERE!!!1!1!!

Then post suggestions in it.

Logan Barfield
Quake 3 and StarCraft Tournament Director

Posts: 8
Post Date: 01/24/08 @ 2:55AM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

I have a dedicated group of 10 that I fly with to play at National LAN's for serious dough. If you can get CGS a LAN EVENT this summer, or semester for us college students, that would be amazing and you could defintly count us in. that would draw at least 200+ i guarantee.

Raleigh, NC
Posts: 20
Post Date: 01/25/08 @ 12:36AM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

^ I second this notion.
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2012 CGS

Raleigh, NC
Posts: 188
Post Date: 01/25/08 @ 2:18AM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

CGS summer would be epic win.

Posts: 25
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 5:54PM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

You should have the cod4 tournament on 360 since the 360 should well over 2 times as many copies than all of the other versions combined.

ICKY People: we got people, people, people, and people


Posts: 18
Post Date: 01/31/08 @ 10:54PM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

Because a 360 fits in perfectly with a PC thread. GG
2008 CGS
2009 CGS
2011 CGS
2012 CGS

Raleigh, NC
Posts: 188
Post Date: 02/01/08 @ 1:44AM Topic: Re: COD4 and UT3 sadness

gg no re
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