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Forums > The Lounge > Lagless LAN 2008
Lagless LAN 2008

Posts: 81
Post Date: 01/25/08 @ 4:27PM Topic: Lagless LAN 2008

Hello Summit attendees!

If anyone is interested, and you should be or I will slay you, we are having a LAN event in February.

The event is BYOC, playing any games you want to play, we may even have some tournaments. We are going to have prizes there to give out, and might be cooking some hot dogs up, who knows!

Console gamers are also welcome, but we do not provide any real commodities for them, you have to bring your own TVs/games/consoles, but if you want to host a tournament, we will see if we can't hook you up with some prizes.

This event will take place on February 29-March 1 2008, in Goldsboro NC. The location is going to be a residential home, but we have enough room (without crowding) for about 30 or so people. We are a short drive away from food, and you can always order pizza!

More info can be found on our site at , post any questions on our forums and we can have them answered very quickly. We will also be giving out flyers at the event.

We have been hosting LAN events for 4 years now, and have had a great time in the process. We hope you will come out and join us!

If you have any questions, we will be running the Quake 3 and StarCraft tournaments in room 202 at the Summit.

Thanks for your patronage!

Logan Barfield

[Edited on 01/05/09 @ 1:11PM]


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Kinston, NC
Posts: 32
Post Date: 01/25/08 @ 5:57PM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

Logan, do you have AIM? Don't have to give your name out on here, but please contact me if you have it: Stelker77

Thanks! =]


2008 CGS
2009 CGS

Posts: 78
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 2:00PM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

sounds pretty amazing, I wouldn't mind half life 2 death match, fear, or battlefield 2. Need to get back into some comp games

second place GoW 2008

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Posts: 18
Post Date: 01/31/08 @ 11:06PM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

Ballin! Anybody still play CS 1.6 there or is it all Source?

Posts: 81
Post Date: 02/01/08 @ 12:53AM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

I'd expect source is the more popular thing nowadays. but I'm a 1.6 man through and through. haven't actually done any real competitive play in quite a while though

Posts: 18
Post Date: 02/10/08 @ 11:59PM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

Sweet, so there's 2 people in this crazy world that haven't sold out :)
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2008 CGS

Posts: 113
Post Date: 02/21/08 @ 9:46AM Topic: Re: Lagless LAN 2008

^bump for lagless.
D and the Gamer Spotlight will be showcasing the event :D
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