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Forums > Comments > Thoughts from a first-timer
Thoughts from a first-timer
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Greenville, NC
Posts: 15
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 1:39AM Topic: Thoughts from a first-timer

This was my first time coming to a gaming expo of any kind and now that it's over, I can say I definitely plan on attending the next one! With a high interest in music, I was really looking forward to checking out the Music Wizard group and I was not disappointed. I also loved the idea of holding the Rock Band tournament in the auditorium. Nicely done. As a huge fan of 2-D fighting games, I was glad to find a room full of them. Though I didn't place in any of the tournaments, I had a great time taking on all levels of competitors! My only complaints lies here though. One, the guys running the 2-D fighting tournaments weren't very organized, except when it came to making rules for specific games (Guilty Gear namely). I noticed there were bracket sheets on the sign-up table, but they weren't used. Instead, it became a rule of if you win, you can stay, if you lose, you have to leave, which upset the losers and crowded the hallway. My only other complaint is maybe next year, some extra controllers should be on hand in case there are problems. I had button jams on two occasions. Thankfully, this was only during practice and not the actual tourneys. Again, thank you for a wonderful time and I look forward to next year!

Jay from ECU

3rd place, Capcom vs. SNK 2, 2010 Carolina Games Summit




Rocky Mount, NC
Posts: 11
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 2:12AM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

It was also my First time attending any type of Game Expo. I will most definetly attend next year if I can, I just think that it should be a little more organized.

Death is Inevitable, but I'm taking you with me.

TWITCHBEL- Captain of Team Tron


If you wanna play with me, hit me up, but tell me who you are so I can try and figure out which person from the tourny you are.

2009 CGS
2008 CGS

Posts: 113
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 4:37PM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

I'm glad you two enjoyed your time. This was my second time here at the CGS, and I have really really enjoyed both times. One thing to understand is the larger an event is th emore difficult it is to manage. Often it is the first time running an event and when a director tries to be flexible for the peopl ecompeting, they end up breaking down their system and causing confusion. Nothing ever goes according to plan and lack of experience just slows it down farther. However each event gives us more experience and will continue to be a better experience each time.


2009 CGS
2008 CGS

Posts: 86
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 10:33PM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

Iv'e been to all 3 events, and it gets better each time, I can't wait till they perfect everything. I loved the Select Start band, I just wish they played more, and maybe some Final Fantasy music or some old Megaman music (so many catchy tunes!).

Badder than old King Kong, meaner than a junkyard dog.

2009 CGS
2010 CGS

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 58
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 2:32AM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

I was the Guy running the 2d fighter room... The problem with the Brackets was we had so many people and so little staff when it came to keeping a eye on the winners and keeping a eye on equipment... and for the losers walking out.... it was that or we have 80+ people in a room set to only hold 40max while watching just 20 people go at it... and it help change the air out so the room cooled down after the 2nd rounds with the winners. Also on the Brackets end... the paper we were given was way too small to fit everyone that showed up to each game except SF2. We do hope to have the problem fixed by next year by having bracket software in each room (hopes this dream comes true)

all in all yes it seems unorganized but if you also noticed we had the first 3 games done in under 2 hrs giving us a chance to clean up the room and find out what hardware was having problems for the next set of games... and i do apologize to the people who didnt get a chance to practice with Capcom vs SNK 2 that was my fault i didnt expect 3rd strike to take soo long and in doing so made us have to start that tourny right after it....

(side note on brackets... lets say we had enough staff to do the paper brackets dont you think it would be just as hectic us screaming who is next or players fighting to figure out who is up next....and wouldn't it have taken a little bit longer?)
2008 CGS
2009 CGS
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Raleigh, NC
Posts: 188
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 3:29AM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

^the people from laglesslan made their own bracket software that was custom tailored for their tournaments. I'm sure they'd be willing to share it with you or anyone else that wants it.

Posts: 5
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 1:18PM Topic: Re: Thoughts from a first-timer

I was the tournament director for the 3D fighting games "Tekken 5 DR" and "VF5" and I got the people from UGS to get me a tournament program that was super easy to use and made things go smoothly other than the fact that i made a bad decision and let people take other peoples places. Which i fully regret doing. On the other hand my tournament went smoothly i feel for my first time doing so and running on only 2 hrs of sleep.
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