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Forums > Old News > Halo 3 4v4
Halo 3 4v4
2008 Attendee

newport, Nc
Posts: 1
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 1:11PM Topic: Halo 3 4v4

This was my first tournament with this organization and i thought the Halo 3 4v4s were ran horribly. As the time came for the 4v4s and the ladders were set up, somehow the computer they had been using crashed and the ladders were deleted. After the ladders were set up again, when they called out the first game, two different sets of teams had been called. My team had entered when we heard our name, then when we were in the room a woman who was trying to run it told everyone who wasn't called to leave the room. We asked her several times who the two teams were, yet she decided to act like an asshole and told us to leave. Not even a minute after that, they called our team and our opponents, showing how the people who were running it didn't even have a clue about their own ladders. When she reentered the room, she did not even apologize to us for having a temper tantrum, when she knew she was wrong she went out a door and slammed it behind her. When we were about to start we realized that the xboxs that we had been using did not have hard drives. Therefore we had no way to make any customized games to the rules that were posted already. The people who had been running the 4s must not have known that you cannot do certain things without forge, which shows how much knowledge the people actually had. Realizing that if we played best of 3 games, we ended up having to do a 1 game knockout if you lost. It was somewhat sad that the 4v4s had only 1 room to play in, which made them stretch out until the ceremony had already started. Up until the end the 4s had been running somewhat smoothly. Near the end there was a time constraint and we were told to limit the games to 5 minutes each..which is crazy. That turns the games into a campfest and was just ridiculous. During this whole tournmanet in the 4s room, a xbox or 2 would randomly go into black screen. We had this happen to us and against us multiple times. During the games that placed our team or our opponents into the top 2, the opposing team had gone into black screen and we had maybe gotten a kill or so when that had happened. And the guy that was running it decided that he would make us stop there, making us lose because of the shitty equipment. Its sad how because the people who ran it did a terrible job making it go fast enough, so they had to screw over the people who were in the top teams. You would think that the people being payed to run the 4v4 Halo 3 Tourney(UGS) would have knowledge about running the tournment. The volunteers for the FFA Halo 3 Tourney had more knowledge than the people payed to run the 4v4. The FFA volunteers had enough sense to have hard drives so gametypes could be saved. UGS didnt even have harddrives to have gametypes they were unaware of that. Thats sad knowing there suppose to run tournyes well?
2008 Attendee
2009 Attendee

Posts: 85
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 1:28PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

*Tsquared Rape sign* Yea 4s was ran horribly, and I will never go to a UGS event if that is what I have to look forward to, I mean sure there was no money involved but it is always the same kids at the top at every tourney and its for bragging rights, which in the semi finals when we were playing for top 2 we played a game for 5 mins which ended in a tie at 25. So we go on to play the same game first to 25 wins, Well with 2 mins left our opponents start to lag out of the game I mean WTF its LAN, well because of this happening we killed people standing still and were awarded the loss....

For the FFA almost everything went right, The bracket was drawn out clear so everyone could see and read it and they explained everything clearly. The FFA Ran smoothly and everyone had fun playing it, the only thing that I would change about the FFA is the TVs, High Def Plasma LCDs all that new age mumbo jumbo isnt for gaming, there was 1 tv in the room that was decent and had no lag, and as I watched every FFA a winner always came from that TV which was an advantage.

With all that said, When planning a H3 tourney for next year let Calvin run it, He knows what he is talking about and knows whats going on.....Everyone there wanted MLG rules and thats what he gave us...

Oh and speaking of that, just so everyone knows the 4v4 was played with MLG rules because i made the game type when i was in there, and the lady running the GOW tourney was like OMG he is picking a MLG map BTW and I was like ROFL LOL

O and if the team that we beat 50-4 posts on here, I am so sorry that we had to beat you that bad, but that was just really funny

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3rd place CGS 2008
2nd place 4v4 CGS 09 top 16 FFA

2009 Attendee
2008 Attendee

Roanoke Rapids
Posts: 14
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 2:01PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

The 4v4 was ran horribly compared to the FFA. In the end of the tourney they were running out of time and chaged teh settings to 5 min and 25. then they said they were changing it to 5 min and 50. then when my team was about to play in the quarter-finals they put it on MLG settings and said that is the only thing they had on the console. teh team we were supposed to face did not even show up so another team jumped in and faced us. My team was SOG

once they got the tourney running it was pretty good but they should not have made excuse like the power will be out at 8 o'clock

2008 Attendee
2009 Attendee
2012 Attendee

Swansboro, North Carolina
Posts: 34
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 2:36PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

LMAO at the power going out. I had a different excuse for the Gears of War tourney being cut short. The "lady" was like "I will get in trouble if the tournament runs over during the award ceremony. I know we had technical difficulties at the beginning, that's why they let us have 30 extra minutes, but the tourney has to end because we are out of time." The tourney was suppose to start at 12:00 just like the halo 3 4v4. It didn't start on time because the computer that the brackets were on crashed, just like the halo 3 4v4 tourney. We started after 1pm and I'm sure the same thing happened for the halo 3 4s. Kinda strange how the two biggest UGS tournies were ran soooooooooo bad.

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Rocky Mount, NC
Posts: 11
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 3:54PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

I know exactly what you are talking about. Team Tron was in both the Gears and Halo 4v4 tourny's, niether bracket was set up very well, the lady especailly was extremly rude. They should get people who have better managing and people skills.

Death is Inevitable, but I'm taking you with me.

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If you wanna play with me, hit me up, but tell me who you are so I can try and figure out which person from the tourny you are.

2009 Attendee
2008 Attendee

Posts: 113
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 4:18PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

That's pretty harsh. Something that needs to be addressed for next year.

Posts: 25
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 5:59PM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

I dont think the UG officials even knew much of what they were doing. They threatened to DQ us in the gears tourny when switched to another player's view when we died which is what your supposed to do. She instead wanted us to leave it where you can view the map so you can cheat and tell your alive friends were the other team is when you are dead, but some people do not need that cause they havVve a "coach".

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Posts: 5
Post Date: 02/18/08 @ 12:29AM Topic: Re: Halo 3 4v4

Oh god, Don't get me ranting again.... I know exactly what you mean dude, MRS Violence was all about calling people out on the screens to help out team VVV. She made darn sure to insult members of the other teams too. I gotta admit though.. she was hot...

I still had a great time, probably the best I've had in ages, I've been practicing on Gears and Halo 3 BIG TIME since that Tourney. I look foward to seeing alot of y'all again, in the tourneys to come!

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