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Forums > Comments > quake 3 and starcraft tournament
quake 3 and starcraft tournament
2008 CGS

Posts: 30
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 9:36PM Topic: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

while everyone else complains about how terribly they think the tournaments were run, or how awful everyone smelled or how unfairly they lost, id like to say that once again, the guys that ran the PC room with quake 3 and starcraft did a great job directing the tournament. no confusion, and things went in a timely manner.

3rd place Starcraft, CGS 2008



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Kinston, NC
Posts: 32
Post Date: 01/27/08 @ 10:45PM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

I agree, there were a couple of minor problems but the tournament directors were flexible and relaxed so everything went fairly smooth. I had a lot of fun! Good games to everyone who entered!

Posts: 81
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 2:57AM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

Then come to our LAN! Feb. 29


Raleigh, NC
Posts: 20
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 3:15AM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

I'll go for sure if CoD4 will be there. Will it still by BYOPC this year?
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Raleigh, NC
Posts: 188
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 3:23AM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

Laglesslan certainly improved from last year. their tournaments were run pretty smooth last year, but this year, almost everything was done right.

-They listened to participant feedback from last year and a week before the tournament and made the rules more specific: They announced actual maps for SC, used CPMA for quake, etc.

-They prepared beforehand. Everyone knows that preparation is key to running a smooth tournament. L3 had to do alot of preparation: they had to make sure that 2 games were installed on more than 20 computers, and burn cds for each of them. not only that, but they programmed their own bracket software the night before the event and used that for both the tournaments. Sure, they didn't have to move alot of equipment like the other organizers did, but I'm sure that they would have if they had to.

-They locked the door. They made sure that only tournament participants were in the rooms at all times. I didn't really like this, as it made the rooms closed from the rest of the event, but that was the whole reason for doing so. They wanted to keep the room nice and quiet so that it wasn't confusing. I think that if this was the way other rooms were run, a few of the tournaments that people felt were disorganized would have been run better.

And to top it off, they were relaxed. I mean, most of the time, they just had one guy looking over all the computer screens and making sure people weren't turning around and looking at their opponent's screens. The rest of the crew was just kicking back, bottle of bawls in their hands and talking about other stuff.

I think that all tournament organizers should take a look at L3 and learn something from them. I was disappointed that the high-end PC gaming crew wasn't there, but I can safely say that L3 was a great alternative.

tl;dr: They listened to people, were prepared, and controlled their tournaments better.

Posts: 81
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 9:55AM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

Thanks for the kind comments! This year was definately the best year all around at this event, for attendees. We tried to have everything go as smoothly as possible, but some things were still screwed; namely the Quake 3 warmup time and the StarCraft time limit. I did think it was a bit unfair to have the wins decided by points, but unfortunately we had to do that to make sure the tournament would be over on time.

As for the LAN, we play whatever people have. If we have enough people with the same game for a tourney, we will run one and give the winner something cool. Be it some BAWLS or a nice mousepad. I have sent about 20 companies sponsorship requests, and got word back from one (SteelSeries) that they were sending us some mousepads. So with 4 weeks until the event, I can only hope we will get more prizes. We were hoping to get some stuff to give away at the summit, but it didn't work out that way.

Anyway, we are going to try to update the website sometime here soon, so for now sign up on the forums for any questions/suggestions. Tell your friends! E-mail me at with the subject LAN with any specific inquiries.

Look forward to seeing you!

Logan Barfield
2009 CGS
2008 CGS

Posts: 113
Post Date: 01/28/08 @ 11:51AM Topic: Re: quake 3 and starcraft tournament

This is the second time in a row L3 has gotten high remarks for their performance and oversight for their tournaments. I congratulate you and award you +5 points!
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