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Forums > Old News > Quick help.
Quick help.
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Wilson, NC
Posts: 34
Post Date: 02/16/08 @ 1:30AM Topic: Quick help.

Im sure its posted somewhere on here but i have a question. Im helping set up a small set of tournaments where i live and i need quick info.

How did you guys do the guitar hero and rock band brackets. Not the showmanship for rock band.

Was wondering if you prepicked songs for it or what. ty in advance

The New Era "TNE" Founder


2011 3rd place Rock Band 3 Drummer!!!


Goldsboro NC
Posts: 11
Post Date: 02/17/08 @ 7:57AM Topic: Re: Quick help.

I ran the Guitar Hero tourney and here are the specifics: Guitar Hero brackets were single elimination brackets, set up randomly. As for songs, I know nothing about Guitar Hero, never played in my life, so, I decided that all songs would be chosen at random. I chose some from the songlist, as well as some bonus tracks. About half way through the tourney, I was told by contestants that the songs got progressively harder as you went down the songlist, so I started choosing harder songs, ending with the most difficult song last.

The final 4 were run like this: When the final 4 were determined, the 2 pairings played the same song, and scores were taken to determine 3rd and 4th place, as well as the top 2, 1 from each pairing.

The final song: As forementioned, we played the most difficult song on the Guitar Hero game.

I have no insight for you about the Rock Band tourney.

Be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Thank you
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