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Free Play Rooms


2009 CGS

Roanoke Rapids
Posts: 3
Post Date: 12/29/08 @ 4:06PM Topic: Free Play Rooms

will there be any free play rooms there wernt any last year but year before that there were plenty


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Site Admin

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 554
Post Date: 12/29/08 @ 8:50PM Topic: Re: Free Play Rooms

Every Year Thus Far:

Old School Room (usually room 250) - Atari's Nintendo's, etc

High End PC room (usually room 224) - THis past year the Army had America's Army and a cool robot you could remote control, the year before that room was sponsored by Intel, PNY, Newegg, etc etc and had lots of high end PCs for all to enjoy.

Mario Kart Room (usually next to Brawl) - Every year we have 16 player networked mario kart and it is ALWAYS packed!

Full Sized Arcades Lounge with Pool Tables and other attractions - the pool costs but the arcades never do!

Various Random Exhibitors downstairs feature games here and there.

New This year:

We are more than likely going to have a Super Smash Bros Melee freeplay room next to the Brawl tournament room. It will be a waiting room but also open to anyone who wants to play.

More to be announced later :-)

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-



2009 CGS

Roanoke Rapids
Posts: 3
Post Date: 12/30/08 @ 1:52PM Topic: Re: Free Play Rooms

Is there goin to be any TVs set up so we could bring our own console and games such as Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 for practice?
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