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Another Question

Roanoke, VA USA
Posts: 3
Post Date: 01/05/09 @ 11:21PM Topic: Another Question

Well now that I've decided on coming to CGS, I'd like to know something else.

I see that you all are trying to get the site together, but I'd love to know what kind of live music that will be there

I checked with Entertainment System and they said that they were playing there. Thats cool because I love them.


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Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 555
Post Date: 01/06/09 @ 1:07AM Topic: Re: Another Question

We have talked to Select Start, Metroid Metal, and a few other bands but have not locked in our second performer as of yet. Entertainment System is helping us find another band as well and hopefully very soon we will be able to announce our full lineup! Stay tuned ;-)

Thanks for the comments on the site! We're working hard!! Gotta hand it to my graphics and programming guys, I haven't done any of the new site layout programming or graphics. It is 100% student/volunteer work!

Which is good because I have never received so many exhibitor, sponsor, and speaker requests in one day!!! Today I was replying to emails and talking on the phone all day for 11 straight hours!

This def will be the year to attend the Carolina Games Summit!

[Edited on 01/06/09 @ 1:07AM]

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-


Roanoke, VA USA
Posts: 3
Post Date: 01/10/09 @ 6:04PM Topic: Re: Another Question

Thats awesome!

I love Entertainment System and the other artists you have mentioned.

And also its awesome about the event. I run many events locally where I live and I can understand how it feels to get feedback like that. Haha
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