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Forums > The Lounge > Gears of War 2 Team
Gears of War 2 Team
2009 CGS

Elizabeth City, NC
Posts: 1
Post Date: 01/29/09 @ 11:05AM Topic: Gears of War 2 Team

I am looking for a team. As what my title says in the sign ups. If you need a member let me know and we can talk about it. I'm still waiting on the reply from another team but it's been three days now. If you need one let me know. I dont have live at my house but the gaming store that i go to does and I will be there on Tuesday at 7pm. If the team that I have talked to before sees this, please acknowledge that you still need a 4th. If someone else needs a fourth team member let me know your screen name and if you can make it that date. Reason why is, so that way you can see how decent I am. So u may want me or not.
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