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Forums > Attendees > Adding members to my team
Adding members to my team
2009 Attendee

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Post Date: 01/30/09 @ 9:16PM Topic: Adding members to my team

I bought 4 online tickets for cod4 and i have 3 other people to join my team. how do i register them for my team? so far it wont let them join my team since they didnt buy the tickets, i bought the tickets.


2009 Attendee
2008 Attendee

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Post Date: 01/30/09 @ 11:50PM Topic: Re: Adding members to my team

You're not the first guy to have this problem. We're trying to treat this problem the best we can. But we've only got 8 days left (and so do you guys! so start practicing!). Hopefully we'll have what you need by then. (It won't be an issue next year, by the way.)

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Post Date: 02/03/09 @ 10:12AM Topic: Re: Adding members to my team

You need to send an email to and list all your friends full names, usernames, and passwords so we can manually upgrade their accounts.

It is coming down to the wire and you need to do this fast so they will have time to register BEFORE the event starts.

COD4 is a very popular tournament and may max out before the event starts.

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