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Forums > Old News > Halo place Unorganized!!
Halo place Unorganized!!
2009 Attendee

Cary, NC USA
Posts: 14
Post Date: 02/08/09 @ 11:44AM Topic: Halo place Unorganized!!

okay some say it was but i say it wasn't! mainly because.

1) for the ffa u guys let people from wave 1 to play on wave 5!! delaying everything else!!

okay so what??!! okay i'll tell u!!

i'm going to not mention any team name well wth i am!!

okay match befor cobras and good fellows was a round that had 3 matches.

so what?! well that round the losing team lost first match but WON THE OTHER 2 MATCHES!!!

so yeah so when my team (cobras) played against good fellows we lost first match but couldn't get a chance for another match.

why because it was disorganized.
so instead of 7th we could have placed 3rd.

but right now i say whatever and just brushed it off.

so next year be more organized and if someone or someteam missed their match say U just lost Your

FUCKIN Place!!


some of u r going to object some of u might agree but i'm going to attend next year and i'm hoping that it will be more organized and MORE FAIR!!

other than that i had a great time meeting new guys. and eating cold papa johns PIZZA!

peace out to N.C. see u again next year!!

i'll be practicing on weekends if u wanna join my team hit me on Qu4dsh0t4.
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