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Forums > The Lounge > Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN
Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN
2009 CGS

Chocowinity, NC, USA
Posts: 4
Post Date: 02/09/09 @ 8:35AM Topic: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

Nathan J. from DysS\MemB/EreD here. We placed third in the Rock Band 2 tournament. We only played four songs and we know some of you played less (including the team that won, for that matter). We're itching for more and we know you are too.

The CGS and the tournament was a good memory for us, but for me, it's no ending, it's actually a start for me. I was never a part of my wife and brother-in-law's band, because I'm nowhere near their level BUT I will be practicing, and next year I will be at that level and we'll be back and we're taking first.

But until then, we know you guys are out there scattered around Eastern NC and we know you guys love the game as much as we do. If you have Xbox Live Gold, we'd like to get you guys on our friends lists. We can jam online, we can do score duels, whatever you feel like doing. Maybe we should all stay in touch, in case one of these towns has a Rock Band night we can let everybody know, we can all show up and rock the place. Maybe even a bunch of us get together one Saturday night at a central location and have an unofficial tournament.

Here's our information - get up with me or Jen if you're interested in doing anything.

Bassist: Nathan Jolly
Gamertag: Dark Reality X
Gold: Yes
Rock Band 2 Character: Ben Sisko (yes after the Trek captain)
Online: Pretty much whenever. I work graveyard shift and sleep in the morning. I'm most likely to be on in the evening, or at night when I'm off. Get up with me on MySpace or something to plan a game.

Vocalist: Jennifer Jolly (my wife)
Gamertag: Silent Jo82
Gold: Yes
Rock Band 2 Character: Aura Jo
Online: Middle of the night. She works second shift and gets home around 1am, and is liable to be online until 5-6am.

Guitarist: Carl Bowen (our friend)
Gamertag: XControlldChaos
Gold: Not yet but soon (this weekend most likely)
Rock Band 2 Character: Jimmi Rivers
Online: Only when he visits. Mostly Saturday nights, late night early morning.

Drummer: Robert Clark (Jen's brother)
Gamertag: Rob Fury
Gold: Yes
Rock Band 2 Character: Jack Steel
Online: Same as Carl.
MySpace: He hasn't got one. Get up with him through Carl, Jen, or myself.
2009 CGS

Chocowinity, NC, USA
Posts: 4
Post Date: 02/09/09 @ 10:25PM Topic: Re: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

Oh yeah, one other thing. While in practicing for the tournament, we should stick to on-disc songs, if you want to play DLC or Rock Band 1 songs as well, we have a TON of DLC. We have all 55 of the Rock Band 1 exports, the 20 free ones that come with Rock Band 2, the four or five freebies (like Still Alive and Headphones On) as well as lot of paid ones. Here's the list, and it'll be updated as we buy more (which we will).


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2020 CGS

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 555
Post Date: 02/10/09 @ 3:08AM Topic: Re: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

This sounds like a great idea!! Click on the Tournaments page and look at all the registered users for the Rock Band tournament. IF they chose to share their email you can see it listed under their profile.

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-

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2011 CGS

Wilson, NC
Posts: 34
Post Date: 02/10/09 @ 9:57PM Topic: Re: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

if you could get a nice little fun tourny or hell even a rock band night organized somewhere me and some of my friend would totally come. Some people like myself would do alot better not worrying about a tourny. I TOTALLY bombed a song i generally 99% cause i was nervous. damn. lol

The New Era "TNE" Founder


2011 3rd place Rock Band 3 Drummer!!!

2010 CGS
2011 CGS

Raleigh, NC
Posts: 20
Post Date: 02/04/10 @ 9:50AM Topic: Re: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

I can play drums/bass/guitar on expert... is anyone looking for one of the above to participate in the tournament? I'm having 0 luck finding anyone to play in a band with.


2010 CGS

Fuquay Varina
Posts: 18
Post Date: 11/09/10 @ 8:47PM Topic: Re: Rock Band 2 players COME ON IN

ehhh...I dont think you will be taking 1st lol, we have gotten extremely better at the game and we are not giving up the throne anytime soon..good luck to all who wishes to de-throne us:D

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