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Forums > Tournament Info > Just to clear everything up
Just to clear everything up

Myrtle Beach
Posts: 4
Post Date: 01/19/10 @ 6:04PM Topic: Just to clear everything up

I've been reading the forums and reading the rules and have been through this website in and out 100 times over. I just want to make sure I am correct with everything before we make a 4 hour trip there.

The settings, they are default classes only to my understanding, the maps will be chosen by coin flip and the winner picks any map, and the only gametype is Team Deathmatch with normal health and Friendly Fire on.

The equipment, we do not bring our own controllers, we have the option of bringing our own headsets, like X1 Turtle Beaches, we all get our own seperate TV, and we do not bring our hardrive or our own account to use our own ranks and weapons.

Finally, the cost, which is $10 a person or $10 a team, with the prize being ....? Is this tournament all on one day?

I apologize for all the questions but like I said, we run a local video game store here in Myrtle Beach and we host our own big big tournaments for MW2 all the time, and these are not settings our store team is used to. If someone could e-mail me at or just reply here to all my questions it would be very much apperciated.
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