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Exact Rules

Myrtle Beach
Posts: 4
Post Date: 01/22/10 @ 3:01PM Topic: Exact Rules

This reply is basically for PMS Vulcan.

I just want to clear everything up on rules and settings for all this so we don't travel 3 hours to go blindly into a tournament at a place I just happened to run across online a few days ago..

The settings; classes are default only, FF is on, radar is always on, no killstreaks, and team deathmatch only?
Why is it only default classes? That takes alot of the variety out of the game, especially since only one class has a silencer.
What about the maps? The coin flip determines the map, and the winner chooses the map? Any map?

Equipment; I have been going through all the forums and from what I can tell, we do not need to bring anything, no headsets, controllers, Xbox, nothing.
If I may ask, are we just using typical speakers out of the tv?

And my biggest question, admission.
Is it $10 a person to get into the event all together? Or is it $10 a person to get into the tournament?
How long does this tournament last?

Just a few questions I wanted to clear up.


2009 CGS
2008 CGS

Goldsboro, Wayne
Posts: 136
Post Date: 01/22/10 @ 10:31PM Topic: Re: Exact Rules

One question I can answer is that it's 10 dollars a ticket per person that's it. No other fee for tournaments.

Also for anything related for the MW Tournament, it's better to post it in the forums dedicated to it, that way it's more likely to be noticed.

And on a personal note. I'd bring my own controllers to any game tournament, I like to have my controllet nice and clean. ^_^

[Edited on 01/22/10 @ 10:33PM]
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