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Forums > Old News > Lets make a better schedual too
Lets make a better schedual too

Los Angeles,CA,United States
Posts: 2
Post Date: 11/10/10 @ 5:01AM Topic: Lets make a better schedual too

First off. I want to say that this expo was really great. It is the first time anything like this has really happened on the east coast. Its a great start for the first expo here in GB. I was really glad to see that lots of people came and were really appreciative of the gaming lifestyle like I am. With that being said, I do agree about the lack of organization with the tourney's. But overall, this was a first and It's not like a riot broke out about any of it. Now, about tourney time schedules. Whoa... I was disappointed about the Quake tourney. I won the Unreal tourney and was in the finals for Quake. But we had network problems and we then had to go to the award ceremony. Afterwards, the college was closing and the Quake tourney was canceled on us. I was disappointed but I can understand how networks flux. Lets just take that into account and allow for mishaps like that next time.

Second on the agenda.... PRIZES!!!!! Now that you know people actually want to take part in something like this. Lets have some sweet prizes and awards. I was happy I won the Unreal tourney, and glad I won some books. But I don't have games to any of them. I also understand that the Unreal tourney was not spons'd. So make a savings in your club funds for some serious game prizes. Its a game tourney.... We wanna win games!!!

And finally, I do want to thank all the gammers and staff that came to show there skills and help out with the expo. You did a great job and I hope that next year will be even more of a challenge to win.
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Posts: 59
Post Date: 12/15/10 @ 11:39PM Topic: Re: Lets make a better schedual too

I came in third either this past year or the year before in the UT3 tourney (which ended up being Open Arena because they busted UT3's server lulz) and I got a nice 900w PSU... I think that prize was quite sufficient for a third place finish. :D
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