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Forums > Comments > Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question
Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question
2011 Attendee

Greensboro, NC
Posts: 1
Post Date: 02/06/11 @ 2:06AM Topic: Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question

Can anybody tell me the name of the song played by the live band with Ninja Gaiden in the background? It was honestly so sick i must like download it to my ipod, like any version of the song.

2013 Attendee

Morehead City, NC
Posts: 20
Post Date: 02/06/11 @ 12:13PM Topic: Re: Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question

Bit Brigade played what they called "Ninja Band" check out their website for info
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Ayden, NC, USA
Posts: 37
Post Date: 02/06/11 @ 3:54PM Topic: Re: Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question

...and it wasn't just one song... i didn't find out until the end that they played the ENTIRE game (Ninja Gaiden for NES) as a concert while another was actually playing it... i just wish i'd stopped in at the beginning to see what was going on...

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Raleigh, NC
Posts: 21
Post Date: 02/06/11 @ 7:55PM Topic: Re: Ninja Gaiden song Played Live Question

That was AWESOME. I never actually got around to playing ninja gaiden, but definitely, awesome game, made more awesome by a great band.

How does a game so old have a better story than most games today? lol

Also, I laughed at the one boss they killed in maybe 1.5 seconds >_

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