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New Bern NC
Posts: 21
Post Date: 12/15/11 @ 2:11PM Topic: Music

So I walked into the auditorium mid day and heard some awesome band on the stage. I sat and listened and heard them rock out. It was awesome. I decided to go out into the lobby to check out the cd's and assumed that what was on the cd's was what I had heard earlier. Unfortunately, it was not. Not to say that the band on the cd didn't have talent but it was not rock versions of the songs I'd heard earlier. Plainly put, it was mimics of the original stage musics and it was kinda lame. Way too much electric keyboard. Anyways, just wanted to mention that what I heard on stage during the day was AWESOME. The cd I bought, sucked. Entertainment system ROCKS. But I dont think that was the cd I bought. Anyway, I want to hear entertainment system again. And I dont want to hear keyboard dude. No hard feelings, you have talent, but just my opinion of what I want to hear. You cant kill the metal.


2009 Attendee
2008 Attendee

Posts: 86
Post Date: 12/16/11 @ 6:26AM Topic: Re: Music

Keyboard dude will now be replaced by keyboard cat.

Badder than old King Kong, meaner than a junkyard dog.

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