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Forums > Old Tournaments Info > 2012 Official Yu-Gi-Oh Rules
Sticky topic 2012 Official Yu-Gi-Oh Rules


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Post Date: 01/03/12 @ 10:57PM Topic: 2012 Official Yu-Gi-Oh Rules

The Deck used for dueling should contain a minimum of 40 cards. Aside from this minimum limit, your Deck can contain as many cards as you like.
In addition to your dueling Deck, you can also have 15 additional cards in a separate pile known as the Side Deck. The Side Deck allows you to modify your Deck to better suit your strategy during a Match.
Between Duels, you can exchange any card from your Side Deck with any card in your Deck - as long as you end up with the same number of cards that your Deck began the Match with.
The Side Deck you create must contain exactly 15 cards at the beginning of a Match. In other words, if you don't have enough cards to create a 15 card Side Deck, you cannot use one at all.
NOTE: This Starter Deck contains 50 cards, so you will need 5 more cards to create a Side Deck.
In any Match, the Deck and Side Deck combined cannot contain more than 3 copies of the same card. Also, be aware of Forbidden and Limited cards.

Both players shuffle their respective Decks and hand them to their opponent to shuffle (this is called Cutting the Deck). The Decks are then returned to their owners and placed face-down in their respective Deck Zones on the Duel Field.
When using Fusion Monster Card(s), place the card(s) face-down on the Fusion Deck Zone of the Duel Field. A Fusion Deck is a card or a group of cards consisting only of Fusion Monsters formed by fusing 2 or more monsters during a Duel (Fusion Monsters).
NOTE: The cards of the Fusion Deck are NOT counted in the 40 cards minimum limit of the Deck.
Show your opponent that your Side Deck contains exactly 15 cards (the cards may be counted face-down). When your Side Deck cards are exchanged with those in your Deck, count the cards of your Side Deck with your opponent once again to verify that the Deck still contains the same number of cards.
For the first Duel in a Match, decide who starts first with a coin toss. For subsequent Duels in the Match, the loser of the previous Duel decides who starts first.
Finally, each player draws 5 cards from the top of their respective Decks. Once both players have 5 cards in their hand, the Duel begins, following the rules in Phases of Gameplay. Before you learn how a Yu-Gi-Oh! turn proceeds, it is important to fully understand the Duel Field and game cards. Understanding how each type of card works will help you plan strategies to ensure that you will emerge from the Match victorious!

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Post Date: 01/30/12 @ 4:46PM Topic: Re: 2012 Official Yu-Gi-Oh Rules

I just made this video for the Carolina Games Summit Community as a whole. Please post this on you Facebook, Twitter or whatever you use so we can help get the word out there about this weekend. Doing my part to help the event/community get bigger as a whole.
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