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Forums > Comments > MW3 ideas
MW3 ideas

Cary, North Carolina
Posts: 5
Post Date: 01/13/12 @ 10:19PM Topic: MW3 ideas

Im not sure how the other tournaments were but for the black ops tourny last year I know that the black ops tourny was sealed off to spectators. I think if its possible it would be cool if all the tournaments had open doors and people could come in and watch, or if there was a big screen setup somewhere where we could stream the games that were going on so people could not only see what was going on instead of sitting in a hallway but that way people who are playing could get a feel for how the other teams play. This would not only allow for teams to study and learn who they are going up against but also would give people something else to do other then sitting in a hallway lol. If this was at all possible i think it would be pretty cool
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Raleigh, NC
Posts: 188
Post Date: 01/17/12 @ 3:11AM Topic: Re: MW3 ideas

I think streaming was talked about last year.

and everything else was/is talked about every year but it's up to the tournament organizers if they want large crowds or not.

From what I've seen ever single year is that the tournaments which closed their doors have a tendency to be smooth and easier on organizers, and the open-door tournaments have a tendency to have complaints.

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2010 Attendee

Fayetteville, NC USA
Posts: 25
Post Date: 01/17/12 @ 1:33PM Topic: Re: MW3 ideas

I think the final match should allow spectating and maybe be played on a "main" stage.

Really this should be done with a few of the games.

I think for regular play, the way it has been done in the past is just fine.

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Posts: 59
Post Date: 01/21/12 @ 4:05AM Topic: Re: MW3 ideas

Streaming could get a bit tricky, although the event was streamed on the PMS clans website I believe. The real problem is having equipment to stream properly. No one wants to see bad players. I mean, honestly. So taking the time to rig the equipment to these higher standards would be a large undertaking for CGS, I think it could pay off, but maybe not the direction they should take quite yet.

Also, as for spectators, I know that when I play, having silence is key because I HATE when I'm trying to talk to my team and I can't hear them because of spectators chatting. And despite how anyone may feel, the VIBRAS headsets aren't exactly "noise-cancelling".

Posts: 5
Post Date: 01/30/12 @ 3:00PM Topic: Re: MW3 ideas

Best bet is to stream on Justin.TV its a real easy fix
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Fayetteville, NC
Posts: 136
Post Date: 01/30/12 @ 9:31PM Topic: Re: MW3 ideas

Agree with you Pyro. Not the best set of headphones. I have a streaming sponsor. He's my streaming partner. Normally comes to the events I play in and streams the event. Just an idea. Let me know if interested.

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