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Forums > Comments > Yu-Gi-Oh, 2013...
Yu-Gi-Oh, 2013...
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Post Date: 08/03/12 @ 11:56PM Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh, 2013...


My name is kevin davis. I won the yugioh thing the past few years and i would like to request a better tournament setting for 2013. The person that ran the tournament this last go round mis-managed it in my opinion. Single elimination in a card game(card games have some luck involved) is impracticable and rude. Many great players were knocked out round one of the tournament with no where to go and nothing to do other than walk around and enjoy the view. If people are going to come from all over the country they should have more than 1 chance to play in a competitive event. The ideal tournament style would be "swiss". Even if its just 3 rounds then cut to top 8, at least everyone gets to keep playing for at least 2 or 3 hours instead of getting knocked out round 1.

I know this is completely up to the tournament director, but for the sake of just being professional can we change the format of the tournament for next year to swiss? ....please?

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Post Date: 12/04/12 @ 10:42AM Topic: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh, 2013...

Kevin, I understand what you are saying and we ran swiss the first year. I believe we can run it again with the time allowed. Thanks for your comments.

Johnna Koonce
Carolina Games Summit
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