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Forums > The Lounge > I am going to make this perfectly clear.
I am going to make this perfectly clear.
2013 CGS

Morehead City, NC
Posts: 20
Post Date: 01/30/13 @ 11:52PM Topic: I am going to make this perfectly clear.

I have been trying to find people for this League tournament. Some have messaged me interested, some have joined me, and some have left the team. My main issue with the above is that this whole summit is suppose to be about playing games and having fun with one another while experiencing things in the game industry (speakers and live music too). Instead the bad experiences from some people,(blocking one another when there is no reason to do to avoid talking) I will probably not be able to play in this tournament and thus probably will not be able to go now. I have spent the past 4 days while working and being sick to get a team together because my work allowed me to have it off ( and I am a manager and had to pull some stuff). It really disturbs me that people would act so childish over an event that is suppose to be fun (which is has been the last few times I went). I know this is the risk you take when dealing with randoms online, but when it comes to actually seeing these people in person, do they not expect some kind of reaction. This post is all over the place because it's frustrating to spend so much time getting a team when most individuals care about "Elo" rather than actually playing with them and seeing how they mesh as a team. Now there are some that have been very helpful and they know who they are. The ones that have been childish also know who they are because there is absolutely no reason to block someone because you don't want to be on their team. I can deal with the issue of going to another team but maybe, just maybe I still would like to play some games with said individuals. Again, sorry for this but I felt like it needed to be said. I have played in previous tournaments there and this is the first time that I am already having a bad taste in my mouth and I really enjoy playing LOL. Hey I guess I should of expected this. Good luck to all teams. I am currently still looking for one person, an ADC now which will be borderline impossible to fine. Thanks for reading if you did and feel free to comment with positive or critical things to say, thanks.

[Edited on 01/31/13 @ 12:08AM]


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Goldsboro, NC
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Post Date: 01/31/13 @ 9:10AM Topic: Re: I am going to make this perfectly clear.

I'd say, come watch the Harp Twins meet Rachel Lara and join UT3 if you get some time. Skip all this drama.

-= All your tournaments are belong to us =-

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