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Forums > Comments > Had an awesome time
Had an awesome time


2013 Attendee
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Kinston, NC USA
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Post Date: 02/02/13 @ 9:37PM Topic: Had an awesome time

Today was great day to be back at CGS after sooooooo many years not being able to go. A lot of stuff to do there and talk to amazing people. Of course the convention had it's ups and downs all in all it was great fun with friends.

Here's some of my suggestions for the next CGS. Uhm I had seen that there was suppose to be streaming going on for the tournaments, but when I got there nobody was streaming anything so I was kind of let down about that so I really don't know if there was a reason there wasn't any streams going on or what. So for next time I would like to see that if you guys get it working.

The next thing was just the humidity in some of the tournament rooms like it was really stuffy so next time if you guys can get a fan for the rooms that would be cool. Oh and also some of the tournaments could of been run better with like all the delays and no shows mostly, but other than that today overall was amazing. I'll definitely will be back next year so expect me there lol.
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