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Forums > Comments > Fighting Game Feedback
Fighting Game Feedback


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Raleigh, NC
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Post Date: 02/03/13 @ 7:39PM Topic: Fighting Game Feedback

The tournaments themselves were run fine, shout outs to the organizers and people that brought the equipment for the games to be ran. Everything ran pretty smooth and finished on time.

Outside of that, the line was pretty bad this year, ended up waiting like an hour even though I preregistered. Hopefully that goes a little faster next year.

Prizes were extremely lack luster this year. I know it's a 10 dollar tournament with no actual entry fee but this was the first year the winners didn't receive anything extra, it was a little disappointing.

With that said, I'll probably retire from CGS competitions after next year. 7 years in a row is a good number to stop at =D

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