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Forums > Comments > Thank You
Thank You
2012 Attendee
2013 Attendee

Goldsboro, NC
Posts: 5
Post Date: 02/03/13 @ 10:40PM Topic: Thank You

Thank you Joshua Parker for running SSBB. Josh did an excellent job while being understaffed. There were a lot of drop outs, but he handled it like a boss. He had no choice but to bye people at times, but most of the people that did get byed weren't able to complain due to them not being there in the first place. The text system worked great. At most he would have 3 people helping him, and the room was crowded. An SD card was janking up a Wii. We replaced the Wii and the disk, only to have it glitch out. The second we got the Wii working again, he put that station to use. It made me cringe that people where trying to borrow controllers from him that were competing in the actual tourny. It clearly stated that this was a BYOC game. He brought extras knowing that they might get stolen, but asked for collateral in exchange (I don't know if that worked out or not.) You did an excellent job this year, and have for the last ones.

Tl;Dr Joshua Parker ran Brawl very professional while way understaffed. Read the rules of a tournament before showing up unprepared and clueless.


2013 Attendee

Greenville, NC, USA
Posts: 20
Post Date: 02/03/13 @ 10:55PM Topic: Re: Thank You

^^ Like


2009 Attendee
2008 Attendee

Goldsboro, Wayne
Posts: 136
Post Date: 02/03/13 @ 11:26PM Topic: Re: Thank You

Thank you so much, your thank you means alot. and I have to say I didn't lose anything I loaned out, everyone in my room was super awesome. I couldn't have made this work with out awesome people playing in the tournament. I feel like I could tear up ^_^"

[Edited on 02/03/13 @ 11:29PM]


2009 Attendee
2010 Attendee
2011 Attendee
2012 Attendee
2013 Attendee

Pikeville, NC, USA
Posts: 48
Post Date: 02/03/13 @ 11:38PM Topic: Re: Thank You

He really did, and always does (: Mad respect to you Josh. I met you 5 years ago, and you introduced my brother and I to the CGS! I love the way you handle the tournaments, no matter how crazy they can get. Keep up the good work :D

1st Place ~ Expert Bass ~ Blame The Fallen/XBand 360

Rockband 3 Tournament

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