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Forums > Tournament Info > 2017 SMITE Rules
Sticky topic 2017 SMITE Rules
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Post Date: 12/12/16 @ 2:11PM Topic: 2017 SMITE Rules

Player Eligibility
This tournament is open to players age 16+ and any nationality.

All players on a team will need to be registered for CGS Smite tournament in order to participate, if your registration cannot be found you will be redirected towards Registration or you will not be allowed to participate.

Players should have at least sixteen (16) gods available for gameplay. This allows for fairer gameplay and roles available.

Tournament Schedule
The tournament start time is as follows:

Round Start: 11AM-7 Feb 4th, 2017
Finals Round: 10am-5 Feb 5th, 2017

Other rounds are allowed to start at the same time. (i.e.: Team1 vs Team2, while Team3 vs Team4)

Teams will be required to check-in for this tournament at least 5-15 Minutes early (Pre-reg beforehand to save time).

You will need to be on time for the start of your round. (If you are 15 minutes late, your team will forfeit).

Minimum & Maximum Players
This is a 5v5 tournament, all teams are required to have at least 5 players on their team. You do not have to be in a CLAN to play as a TEAM in this tournament, however if your TEAM is a CLAN please be sure that your teammates have the same CLAN TAG. No substitutes allowed, no player may play under another persons account.

Teams are not permitted to use a pickup at any point in a match. A pickup is defined as someone who is not registered for this tournament on the Carolina Games Summit webpage. You are required to register to play in any tournament while attending the event.

Match Settings
All matches are to be played using the following settings:

Custom Conquest
Game Name (Team A) vs (Team B)
Password Chosen by hosting team captain
Region NA
God Picking Method Draft Pick (4 bans)
Party Size 5v5
Pick by Party Order No
Allow Spectator/ Record Demo Yes
Spawn Lane Minions Yes
Starting Level 1
Starting Gold 1500

The newest God is not available for two weeks OR until a new god is released, whichever comes first, during the time of the Tournament. This does NOT count towards the three (3) bans each team receives. If a team bans the new release god, it will count towards one (1) of their three (3) bans for that game.

Match Formats
Teams will play matches in the following formats, depending upon the tournament round:

First round: Best of One
Finals: Best of Three

Default Maps
Conquest Map Only

Match Delay
Matches must be played in their entirety unless both teams agree to delay the match. The match must still be completed before the start time & date of the next tournament round, as listed under the Tournament Schedule.

Failure to complete a match before the start time & date of the next tournament round may result in one or both teams forfeiting the match and removed from the tournament.
Teams may not delay the match for more than ten (10) minutes between each map. If a team delays the start for longer than ten (10) minutes between maps, they will forfeit that map.

Teams that delay a match for more than twenty (20) minutes will forfeit the whole match.

Incorrect Match Settings
CGS staff/tournament director will check the settings laid forth before the game begins. If the hosting party changes settings after being checked their team may face being disqualified.

Player Disconnections
If a player disconnects during the initial launch of a map, the map will be restarted from scratch. The initial launch is defined as within the first thirty (30) seconds or before the first kill is made.
If a player disconnects after the game has started, the following rules apply:

The match is to be paused and the disconnected player should attempt to reconnect. When the pause reaches the five (5) minute limit, the match must be continued or forfeited.
If both teams disagree over when the player disconnection took place, video proof must be provided that shows the scores and time at which the disconnection took place, as well as the players in the lobby.

Teams are allowed a total of three (3) pauses per game, totaling no more than five (5) minutes per pause. Pauses should only be for valid reasons and players may be punished for abusing this feature.
Pauses during a teamfight are not permitted.

Teams will forfeit a map for the following reasons:
1. Not immediately unpausing a game after the allocated three (3) pauses limit has been reached.
2. Abusing the pause feature.
3. Picking an ineligible God.
4. Extreme levels of abusive or toxic behavior.
5. Leaving or ending a match prior to its completion
6. Hosting a match with the incorrect Match Settings shown above.
7. Delaying a match by more than ten (10) minutes in between maps.
8. Hosting
9. Hosting Order
10. A team s seed is indicated by the number next to their team name on the tournament bracket. The highest seed is defined as the team with the seed closest to 0.

The hosting team is as follows:

Map 1 (All rounds) Map 2 (Finals only) Map 3 (Finals only)
Highest Seed Lowest Seed Highest Seed
The team that is hosting will choose which side they wish to start on.

Server Issues
In the event of server issues arising, tournaments may be postponed. Any postponement affects games yet to be played and games in progress. If both captains wish to, games are permitted to go ahead at the teams own risk and any result will stand, regardless of any issues players may or may not have.

Reporting Match Result
Both teams are responsible for reporting the result of a match. This can be done by notifying the CGS tournament Director or staff in the tournament room.
Tournament brackets will be updated automatically once both teams have reported the match

No Shows
A team has fifteen (15) minutes to show-up and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
To report a no show, please notify CGS staff/Tournament Director

We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. May face disqualification.

Abusive Behavior
Abusive behavior towards staff members or other tournament participants. The individual user and/or team violating this rule will be subject to forfeit. No BMing, or offensive language is allowed during the tournament proceedings. Please report abuse the Tournament Director on site.

***Player may bring their own KEYBOARD/MOUSE/CONTROLLER (if they prefer) to play in the PC tournaments with. However they are subject to Tournament Director inspection and cannot be modded***

[Edited on 01/28/17 @ 6:11PM]

Johnna Koonce
Carolina Games Summit
Executive Producer

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