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Forums > Tournament Info > 2017 COD Infinite Warfare FFA Rules
Sticky topic 2017 COD Infinite Warfare FFA Rules


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Post Date: 12/22/16 @ 1:31PM Topic: 2017 COD Infinite Warfare FFA Rules

Tournament Schedule: Feb 4th 11am-6pm
Tournament Type: FFA Elimination
Max Players: 64
Match: FFA
Games Per Round: TBD

***Please note that these rules WILL be UPDATED once the Tournament Director finalizes the Rules.***

1.Match Length: All Matches will be Best of 1 Games.

2.Warm-up: No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the Matchs first Game has begun. If a Match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results.

3.Minimum Required Players: Teams who do not show up to their heat within the no show grace period may be forfeited.

4.Disconnections: In the event that a player disconnects during the launch of a heat, the heat should be ended and the player who disconnected should be re-invited to the lobby.

5.Normal Boundaries: Players who move their Character outside of the normal boundaries of a Map May Forfeit the Game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a Map includes but is not limited to part of the Characters body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, and moving into any area from which your Character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your Character.

6.Outside Players/Spectators: After a Custom Game has been created, only eligible Players on the two Teams and Staff members may be invited/join. If an ineligible Player joins a Game, the Game must be ended if the player affects the game and/or doesnt leave within 30 seconds of joining. If a Player is found to have invited an ineligible Player to a Game, they will Forfeit the Game.

[Edited on 12/22/16 @ 1:33PM]

Johnna Koonce
Carolina Games Summit
Executive Producer

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