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Forums > Tournament Info > New Progress in Broken Process of Mineral Ultrafine Mill
New Progress in Broken Process of Mineral Ultrafine Mill

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Post Date: 05/02/18 @ 7:10AM Topic: New Progress in Broken Process of Mineral Ultrafine Mill

When ore and other materials are ground more finely, they can make production more efficient, save a lot of costs, and make tailings recycling easier. The fineness of milled ore discharge products discussed here generally refers to P80 grain sizes of 20 μm and 7 μm, which need to be produced in energy cost and low-cost mill production lines. If this fineness is to be achieved, in the selection of production line equipment, superfine pulverizers are selected as the main grinding equipment, and the electric energy required for the dissociation of ore pellets accounts for about 70% of the total cost of the concentrator. When the conventional milling equipment is used to grind minerals to below 20 20 μm, the cost of traditional [url=]Ultrafine mill[/url] increases exponentially with the reduction of grinding fineness.
The second problem with fine grinding of minerals with a conventional grinding machine is that its rotational speed is relatively low, because when the rotational speed of the mill is higher than the critical rotational speed, the grinding medium is rotated by the centrifugal force and rotates with the cylinder. The power of the low speed mill is relatively low. Low, in fine grinding, low-power-strength mills can not meet the high grinding ore processing capacity required by the mineral industry, and equipment must be added, which in turn increases production costs. In order to effectively solve these problems, the traditional mill needs The use of steel balls with a diameter greater than 20mm, and such a large steel ball gap is large, is too large for the grinding fineness of particles smaller than 2020μm, the impact and grinding pressure generated by the magic ball can not form a fine crushing effect on smaller materials, It increases the wear rate of the magic ball, making the production line produce a large number of substandard products. Therefore, in the face of demanding production requirements, traditional mills have become increasingly incapable of producing production contradictions.
Based on this, the birth of a new type of superfine pulverizer brings light to ultra-fine crushed mineral materials. It has two fixed grinding chambers, uses small grinding media, and uses two sets of high-speed rotating stirrers in the mill. Operation, stirring mill relies on high-intensity stirring effect, effectively drives small grinding media to rotate at high speed, forming a lot of compressed rotating media layer, this media layer can produce many surface pressure and torsional force, making the material crushed to the right size. Tested and actually put into operation, the effect is very significant, and it is a classic of the new grinding equipment.
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