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Forums > Tournament Info > How to carry out dust collection on site of sand making machine
How to carry out dust collection on site of sand making machine

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Post Date: 05/23/18 @ 10:53PM Topic: How to carry out dust collection on site of sand making machine

Due to the increasingly harsh environment in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection of the industry, and the environmental management and control of various ore processing equipment production sites has become more and more severe. Even last year, many small businesses that did not meet environmental protection requirements were shut down for rectification. Many customers also responded to the dust on the [url=]Sand making machine[/url] site, which not only affected the physical health of workers on the spot and surrounding residents, but also attracted frequent visits from the environmental protection department, affecting the progress of work. We hope that we can help them to do a good job on the site of environmental dust removal, making the crushing sand site to meet environmental protection requirements. SBM Heavy Industries and Construction made the following suggestions for this common problem, which can greatly reduce dust on the site of the [url=]Sand making machine[/url].
1. Install dust collectors and dust collection pipes on all dust generated at the site of the sand making machine. And do a good job in the management of dust removal equipment: Regularly check the airtightness of the dust cover. When problems are found, it should be handled in a timely manner, and dust detection should be carried out regularly to improve the maintenance level of the dust removal equipment and minimize dust pollution.
2. In places where it is not suitable to be easily overlooked, such as the corners of belt conveyors, the chute and the dust cover cannot be changed due to the constraints of on-site conditions. Therefore, we must adopt another method for dust removal. Do not ignore it.
3. Improve the process arrangement of bag filter, transform the standard hopper of bag filter into a double hopper structure, thus reducing a screw conveyor, too high bag filter is conducive to the arrangement of the inlet pipe The inlet air inlet is set in the air inlet box, so that the dust in the feeding port of the sand making machine directly enters the air inlet box of the dust collector, which saves the elbow, reduces the system resistance, and improves the dust collection efficiency. The hopper lock wind adopts a single-layer flap valve, eliminating the grid wheel feeder and its motor, reducing secondary dust and improving the dust removal effect.
In the current trend of environmental protection, enterprises should follow the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection to follow the road of development, sand making machines on the scene must do a good job of dust and dust, to achieve environmental protection, sustainable development.
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