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Forums > Tournament Info > 2019 Fortnite Rules
Sticky topic 2019 Fortnite Rules

Charlotte, NC
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Post Date: 01/06/19 @ 12:59AM Topic: 2019 Fortnite Rules


Fortnite Rules with Private Server: (this is how we should be operating on Jan 31st and Feb 1st 2020.

All participants will be placed into the private server and allowed to battle it out over the course of 3-5 games. The player rankings each match will then be used to calculate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Players are responsible for taking screenshots of their rank and number of kills for record-keeping and verification purposes.

Fortnite Rules without Private Server:

General -

You are responsible for your own equipment that you bring. This is an Xbox tournament so if you bring your own controller/keyboard/mouse and it doesn’t work then you will have to play with our default controllers.

During the tournament, you are not allowed to log in your own account on our systems. If we witness this then you are disqualified.

When you or your team has been eliminated then you must notify one of our staff members so we can record your score. If you back out or fail to notify our staff, then you will lose points and possibly be disqualified.

Scoring -

Solo Tournament

3 Eliminations = +1 pt
5 Eliminations = +1 pt
7 Eliminations = +1 pt
After 7 Eliminations Each Kill = +1 pt

Reach Top 10 = +1 pt
Reach Top 3 = +1 pt
Victory Royale = +1 pt

Duos Tournament

5 Eliminations = +1 pt
7 Eliminations = +1 pt
9 Eliminations = +1 pt
After 9 Eliminations Each Kill = +1 pt

Reach Top 10 = +1 pt
Reach Top 3 = +1 pt
Victory Royale = +1 pt


With how this system works if you have a Victory Royale that means you earn 3 points and if you get 9 solo kills you get 5 points. Total you would have 8 points.

[Edited on 01/15/20 @ 12:27AM]
2019 CGS

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Post Date: 01/29/19 @ 10:28PM Topic: Re: 2019 Fortnite Rules

Will each match be between the 32 participants or will the other 68 players be filled in from the NA East servers? Also will there be a prize for any of the tournaments at this event? Thanks!
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