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Sticky topic 2019 Madden NFL 2019

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Post Date: 01/13/19 @ 1:36PM Topic: 2019 Madden NFL 2019

Madden 19 Rules

1. Single Elimination

2. Preliminary rounds will be played on 3 minute quarters; Semi-finals on 4 minute quarters; and Finals on 5 minute quarters.

3. Difficulty set to All-Madden

4. Game Style set to Competitive

5. Fatigue and injuries are off

6. The 21 skunk rule will apply (up to the end of the 3rd quarter). Even if you score points, if you are getting beat 28 - 7, the game will end at that point.

7. Game speed on normal

8. For the sake of competition, you are prohibited from playing with the same team more than once during the preliminary rounds. Once you reach the semis and the finals, you are free to play with whomever you deem fit.

[Edited on 07/23/19 @ 10:59PM]
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