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 CGS 2009 Thoughts
2sgx_d61002/08/09 @ 11:45AM
By xtruder
7XDragoonSlayerX63202/08/09 @ 10:38AM
By dwmiller
 My thoughts on '09 gaming summit
2jisatsudreamer56602/07/09 @ 11:20PM
By jisatsudreamer
 Looking For Singer for RB2 Tourny
0Rafiki32158612/24/08 @ 9:58PM
By Rafiki321
 New CGS Videos!!!
11sgx_d1,06502/19/08 @ 10:28AM
By bear
 Myspace Page
0Heatstorm84302/18/08 @ 10:59PM
By Heatstorm
 Gears of War suggestions for 2009
13MeatloafMachine86402/17/08 @ 12:28AM
By xtruder
 3D Fighters IE Tekken 5 DR and...
5spunkenhimer1,37302/08/08 @ 11:24PM
By meeveret
12gtgboy2411,61702/03/08 @ 9:13PM
By SovereignZechs
5will95902/03/08 @ 11:48AM
By meeveret
 What did/didn't you like about DDR?
23Kyrima94902/01/08 @ 6:34PM
By will
 A BIG suggestion for next year....
3taylorredsoxt83002/01/08 @ 3:32PM
By Krumpus
 To be honest...
24laplacedemon081,22202/01/08 @ 9:54AM
By MeatloafMachine
 Thoughts on PC
5sgx_d80201/31/08 @ 6:50PM
By meeveret
 Request Video Footage
11sgx_d91101/31/08 @ 6:28PM
By Treader
 Honest Post
5Kyrima80801/31/08 @ 4:31PM
By Balrog
 Time To Vent
13LongCutLead89201/31/08 @ 3:31PM
By Krumpus
 Gears of War
5MeatloafMachine84701/30/08 @ 3:27PM
By Krumpus
 Awards Ceremony Prizes
6Stelker86001/30/08 @ 2:01AM
By meeveret
 My thoughts.
8punisherthe79801/30/08 @ 1:46AM
By meeveret
 CGS 08 Video to be released soon
0sgx_d77701/29/08 @ 9:29PM
By sgx_d
 so so
5Halogod81601/29/08 @ 3:44PM
By meeveret
 Thoughts from a first-timer
6JayECU81101/28/08 @ 1:18PM
By spunkenhimer
 quake 3 and starcraft tournament
6will76401/28/08 @ 11:51AM
By sgx_d
 Gears of War & Halo 3 Tourny
0Twitchbel72701/27/08 @ 12:52AM
By Twitchbel

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