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Blue Ox Games to exhibit at the Carolina Games Summit on February 3rd from 11am-8pm and February 4th from 10am-6pm. Blue Ox Games will be sponsoring the Magic the Gathering Standard, Magic the Gathering: Commander and Yu-Gi-Oh Constructed. As well as exhibiting and selling many items related to card games and tabletop games alike.

Visit our website at: Blue Ox Games or give us a like on Facebook: Blue Ox Games Facebook

“The best Game Shop in Eastern North Carolina! Staff is really friendly and knowledgeable, and the shop offers all things gaming, as well as comics and collectables! I cannot recommend this place enough to game lovers!”

Tickets are available to the public and may be purchased online or at the door. Visit the official web site: Carolina Games Summit, for a full listing of all the speakers, exhibitors, and additional details. Contact the event organizers at for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

About Blue Ox Games

Blue Ox Games has a 5,000 square foot store providing ample space to play all the board, card, and miniature games you enjoy or sit down and enjoy a comic. The event calendar will let you know when scheduled tournament are, but you can always stop in with a friend to game (or play with one of our helpful staff members).

Blue Ox exists to support the gaming community in Greenville, Eastern North Carolina, and beyond. Join one of our store sponsored Facebook groups for lively discussion with other game and comic fans Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 1pm - 10pm Saturday 11am - 10pm Sunday 12pm - 8pm

About Carolina Games Summit

Carolina Games Summit will be held February 3rd 10am-9pm and February 4th 10am-8pm. This hybrid event will once again deliver industry speakers, video game tournaments, concerts, exhibition booths, cos-play, educational sessions, and trading card games. Compete against gamers from all over the country in a variety of popular tournaments. Enjoy all your favorite platforms including arcade, computer, and console games with both tournament and free-play options available.

Additional information can be found on the official web site: Carolina Games Summit

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