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Meet artists Eric Knisley and Marx Myth as they impart their knowledge on the need for “Collaborative Creations”, or putting it another way...the necessity for collaborative methods within any creative industry. After a short lecture on the topic, they will reveal several of their ongoing artworks known as “Exquisite Corpses”.

Collaborative Creations

You even have the chance to participate in one of their collaborative art experiments afterward. Carolina Games Summit will provide all required materials for this interactive drawing opportunity

“Being able to bring experienced professionals like Eric and Marx to attendees of the Carolina Games Summit fosters the unique educational opportunity.” says Michael Everett, Creative Director for the Summit.

“Each year, Carolina Games Summit strives to present attendees with the latest trends, strategies, and techniques in the games industry, as well as promote passion and career development,” said Michael Everett, Creative Director, Carolina Games Summit. "Unique talents within the industry such as Eric and Marx provide our audience with unparalleled insights based on a range of unique experiences."

Marx Myths experience includes games, simulations, and education and he continues to work as a freelance Illustrator/Fine Artist while teaching Media Design and Marketing at Living Arts College in Raleigh, NC.

Eric Knisley works with large immersive displays and attractions for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. He brings years of experience in interactive systems design with a laser focus on public education. Also of note are his skills in cartooning/caricature and loop-based music creation.

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