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Costume Contest

2020 Cosplay Application

Download Application Form

2020 Official Carolina Games Summit Cosplay Sponsor

The Raleigh Recruiting Battalion has over 268 Regular Army and Reserve soldiers and civilians. The Battalion is represented throughout North Carolina by 6 Recruiting Companies, 39 Stations. The Battalion has operational control of two Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS), one in Raleigh and the other located in Charlotte. The Battalion is committed to serving the Army and the Nation by recruiting the finest young men and women available for the United States Army.

The Raleigh Recruiting Battalion is proud to be a sponsor of the 2020 Carolina Games Summit Cosplay Contest!

After you have decided to compete, please purchase your ticket online ahead of time!   The pre-paid line is much faster  than the regular line to get in!

Cosplay Contest to begin on February 1st, 2020! If you have any questions feel free to ask the judges or any of the Carolina Games Summit staff! Please be sure to meet with the FanDames at least 30 minutes prior to judging to fill out your cosplay form.

  1. 1st Place Prize: $350
  2. 2nd Place Prise: $250
  3. 3rd Place Prize: $100
2020 Special Cosplay Guests

Adachi Trieu Cosplay

Ambyrvescent Cosplay

Mikki Marvel

Lythiad Cosplay

Resplander Cosplay

2020 FanDames Booth

The FanDames will be hosting a cosplay masquerade and judging will take place on February 1st, 2020 at 4PM. For more information visit the FanDames Booth!

Cosplay Judges:


The FanDames Initiative

The FanDames Initiative is an a non-profit organization that empowers women in the geek and nerd fandom. We actively support all women in our community by creating a safe and healthy environment for self-expression.

The FanDames Initiative formed in June/July 2014 with the combined efforts of former Carolina D20 Girls. The girls sought to create an organization with the mission of creating fellowship among all women geeks across all fandoms. How do we do this? We volunteer at events and conventions, host contests, lead panels and generally bring a positive attitude everywhere we go, its that simple.

We are available for events and conventions. For booking information, please message on us Facebook. Visit it on our Facebook page and give us a like!

Visit us on social media below:


2020 Cosplay Photographer



PhotosNXS: "Photos in Excess" is an east coast Cosplay/costuming photography to the best of my abilities! Local to the Raleigh area, Jayce ventures to local con and beyond to capture the wonderful essence of all things cosplay!

Photos-NXS past Conventions Visited: Ichibancon, Concord, NC Animazement , Raleigh, NC Heroescon, Charlotte, NC NC Comicon, Durham, NC Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA MomoCon, Atlanta, GA Megacon, Orlando, FL Katsucon, National Harbor, MD Colossalcon, Sandusky, OH

Check out Photo-NXS on Facebook



Contestants can only enter in during the allotted time allowed.

No skits during judging or catwalk. No nudity.

No profanity allowed on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition. No political or religious statement during the catwalk. Anyone who violates this may be disqualified from the competition.

Do not use any sort of projectile at all! Nothing must leave your person while you are on the catwalk. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.

No flash-pots, explosive devices, or similar special effects are to be used. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area.

All prop weapons must conform to the Carolina Games Summit Weapons Policy, which is as follows:

All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons – including water pistols, silly-string guns, and ping-pong pistols. Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will be confiscated. Anyone who violates this rule may be disqualified from the competition and may be asked to leave the convention area. We expect you to use good judgment; with your help, we can continue to allow peace-bonded weapons.

All applications must be submitted at the time of pre-judging, applications will be available at that time, at the FanDames Initiative booth. Applications can be downloaded, but must be turned in via person at the event. DO NOT EMAIL US YOUR FORM.

To be judged for accuracy a visual reference, preferably a front and back color photo on paper, can be turned in with your application. Electronic media (i.e. CDs) will not be accepted nor will bringing a laptop or video device (i.e. iPods) to pre-judging. This is not required. However, you may not be eligible for accuracy points if the judges are not familiar enough with your character.

All judging will be done before the showing, off-stage. Costumes must be self-contained.

Do not enter or exit the catwalk except at the designated points. Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition. Large elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and/or assistants the contestant brings to help. Carolina Games Summit will not be able to provide assistants.

This page last updated on 02/02/20 @ 3:16PM.
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