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Costume Contest


Download Application Form

After you have decided to compete, please purchase your ticket online ahead of time!  The pre-paid line is much faster than the regular line to get in!



All ages are welcome to participate. Participants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate.

No previous winning costumes are eligible for prizes. If the designer/builder would like to participate, a new costume must be presented.

Costumes can be from any genre

All contestants will be required to appear on stage and show their costume while the Master of Ceremonies gives a brief description of the costume, the character and the designer/builder.
Presentations on stage are limited to 3-5 minutes, kept firm by the Contest Coordinator. Use this time to show your costume, character, and any other elements that might not immediately be recognizable to the audience.
Contestants are required to register with the Costume Contest (at the Penny Dreadful Productions Booth) a minimum of half an hour before judging begins with all necessary forms completely filled out.  Failure to register before this time will make the contestant ineligible.
Contestants agree to appear at designated times fully prepared for the judges. Failure to appear will disqualify the contestant.
Contestants should expect to be photographed on and off stage. This includes video and photography.  By registering for the contest, participants give permission for their image still or otherwise to be used at CGS discretion for promotional purposes.
Contestants must advise the Contest Coordinator in advance of any special effects used during the presentation.  Be sure to surprise the audience, not the event staff.  We assure you that any surprises will be kept in strictest confidence form audience as well as other contestants.
Contestants must leave the judging room and stage as they found it, including but not limited to: no sticky substances, no animals (with the exception of seeing eye or other guide animals), contestant must remove all props and costume pieces from area.
No pyrotechnics are allowed including but not limited to flash, fire, explosives, smoke bombs or fireworks.
Projectiles are strictly prohibited with the exception of candy, confetti, or other small HARMLESS objects.
Costumes needing electrical power must be self contained. There will be no electrical outlets, power cords, etc on stage.
No nudity is permitted.  Lewd, obscene, or offensive costumes will not be permitted.  This will be at the discretion of the contest coordinator and the judges.
If a contestant needs assistance on or off the stage, please alert the contest coordinator before the presentation.
Judges and staff of CGS are not eligible to participate.
No real weapons are permitted on stage, during the judging, or on campus. Even if items are non functioning, they cannot be real weapons (this includes unloaded or dulled weapons). 
No foul/inappropriate language is allowed during the judging and may result in being disqualified.
Failure to abide by any of the rules will result in disqualifying the contestant from winning a prize or from future contests.
This page last updated on 01/12/13 @ 8:35PM.
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