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Ticket Info

Carolina Games Summit is happy to announce the Amateur Esports League Season Opener

*** Click Here To Purchase Tickets Online ***

Player Tickets are $25 and cover entry into the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 4v4 Team Tournament.

**No Refunds**

Registration will close 24 hours prior to the tournament. If your team is not complete (4 out of 4 players) by 24 hours prior, you team will be disqualified. Your ticket price will not be refunded if you are disqualified, but it may be used at any future AEL tournament of equal or lesser value.

Tickets purchased online will be available for express pickup the day of the event.  

Ticket(s) purchased will be given to PayPal/credit card account holder OR the owner of the account in which tickets were purchased. 

All attendees must have a valid ID to gain access to games rated higher than E by the ESRB

You must bring your PayPal receipt to ensure fast ticket processing.

Message to Parents:

We believe fully in the ESRB rating system and will uphold it during our event. We will not feature games with an Adult Only rating. 

You may fill out our Release Form to allow your child the ability to play games outside his/her recommended age group.

Message to Gamers:

You MUST bring a photo ID (school ID, license, etc) for age verification in order to be given access to games rated T (ages 13+) or M (17+).  If you are unable to provide proper identification, you will be given access to games rated E or below.

*Online tickets purchased but not claimed by 2pm the day of the event will be resold at the event if there are no other available tickets to be sold, no refunds will be issued.



This page last updated on 03/09/17 @ 2:15PM.
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