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2:00pm - 7:00pm
Halo Reach 4v4
Posted by: Michael Everett

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Registered Full Teams (maximum of 64 allowed)
  1. Team Crimson - team founder: Xiggy (David Pautke)
  2. Team Alpha - team founder: MindlessHippo08 (Caje Foley)
  3. Team Awesome Cougars - team founder: k3nsanders (Ken Sanders)
  4. Team The Hopeless Losers - team founder: Kneethan (Nathan Seeburger)
Partial Teams (unlimited until tournament is full)
  1. Team Trouble - team founder: gregoj (Greg Lincoln)
  2. Team Victorious Secret - team founder: xaxis (Edward Moss)
  3. Team BK - team founder: BeastlyRevenger (Seth Rollins)
  4. Team Kinng - team founder: Kinngshaun (Sardeep Khera)

3:00pm - 7:00pm
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition
Posted by: Samantha Pickard

Mortal Kombat 9 Komplete Edition

1. Ryan Schwener (rpscyn)
2. Chase Evans (TheAtomicFlea)
3. Alex Harned (Xannies)

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Registered Players (maximum of 64 allowed)
  1. TheAtomicFlea (Chase Evans)
  2. rpscyn (ryan schwener)
  3. Zigg (Philip Bumpass)
  4. Xannies (Alex Harned)

09/14/12 @ 3:00PM - 09/16/12 @ 5:00PM
League of Legends 5v5 Summoner's Rift
Posted by: Michael Everett
Sponsored by Riot Games

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Registered Full Teams (maximum of 16 allowed)
  1. Team Morello - team founder: xxDeadxEyex (James Beavers)
  2. Team Drungus Anonymous - team founder: cdohmen (Chris Dohmen)
  3. Team Gamma - team founder: airkin (Airkin Salmorbekov)
  4. Team Legion of Doom - team founder: jaypife (Jason Pifer)
  5. Team Juliet - team founder: Deadharvest (Bobby simmons)
  6. Team Poopsquad - team founder: christielouwho (Christie Kliewer)
  7. Team FreeForAll - team founder: TheDeanMan (Anthony Dean)
  8. Team lima - team founder: keaarori (Kenneth Ridge)
  9. Team XxXqu1ckskopezXxXmlgxXx1337 - team founder: onlyplaysteemo (Jack Romano)
  10. Team Mike - team founder: Glaedn (cameron tharp)
  11. Team AnybodyCanJoin - team founder: mercmagus (Mitch Borley)
  12. Team Charlie - team founder: RellikNissassa (Rellik Nissassa)
Partial Teams (unlimited until tournament is full)
  1. Team TeamAtom - team founder: AtmaWeapon (Iain Henderson)
  2. Team Guild of Games - team founder: Muffinstien (Dylan Geile)
  3. Team beta - team founder: dweeble (Dylan Riley)
  4. Team Hand and Eye - team founder: Audio (William Barnes)
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