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The Lounge
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 Sticky topic CGS Discord Server!
1Dr. Squawk1,91604/12/19 @ 6:20AM
By theelix1
 tes test
0Bharrelson46010/27/23 @ 1:04PM
By Bharrelson4
0meeveret6210/19/23 @ 2:22AM
By meeveret
 gears of war 4 team
0Joose?1,87201/17/19 @ 8:53AM
By Joose?
 These Forums Tho
4HyperPikachu1,88901/05/19 @ 11:05AM
By meeveret
 Nasus/Twitch main looking for...
2Sketchysketchu1,87202/02/18 @ 6:20PM
By AcidCoconut
 GOW 4 on sunday?????
1Joose?1,86801/29/18 @ 8:41PM
By patriots12
 Smash @ DBAC Challenge?
0HyperPikachu1,87009/11/17 @ 10:03PM
By HyperPikachu
 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare R
0nlins11,86702/04/17 @ 11:10PM
By nlins1
 Looking for League Team!
0WarEagle531,86402/03/17 @ 4:48PM
By WarEagle53
 how to register overwatch team?
0Sthealz1,87001/31/17 @ 11:02PM
By Sthealz
 how to register overwatch team?
0Sthealz1,87201/31/17 @ 11:02PM
By Sthealz
 posible turnout for this years...
1hych1,89701/31/17 @ 12:28AM
By DoS_Sin
 Need 1 for Gow4 tournament
4XDragoonSlayerX2,87401/30/17 @ 9:04AM
By XDragoonSlayerX
2YeetZeeBu_US1,85601/30/17 @ 1:24AM
By Violet-Zephyr
 COD IW 4v4 free agent
0YeetZeeBu_US1,86001/29/17 @ 10:39PM
By YeetZeeBu_US
 LF2 for Halo 5 4v4
0DoS_Sin1,91201/25/17 @ 6:59PM
By DoS_Sin
 CoD: IW 4v4 Free Agent
1nlins11,87501/25/17 @ 6:09PM
By ThePerfectOutcome
 Mercy/Reinhardt Main looking for an...
0Sketchysketchu1,87201/24/17 @ 10:29AM
By Sketchysketchu
 need 1 more to fill team for Gears...
1mike4201,86801/19/17 @ 2:02PM
By Joose?
 need 2 for gears for gears of war 4
1mike4201,86201/18/17 @ 5:41PM
By mike420
 Need members for GOW 4X4 team!!
1Joose?1,86801/18/17 @ 5:40PM
By mike420
 need a 4th gow3 player
4bjhgow31,86401/06/17 @ 8:08PM
By mike420
 League 5v5 Need roles filled
0ReclaimingHvK1,86601/02/17 @ 8:02PM
By ReclaimingHvK
 The 2016 Summit
6Digital1,86202/12/16 @ 2:13PM
By HyperPikachu

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