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Posted by: Michael Everett - 10/26/06 @ 10:49PM
Prizes Charles River Media is the premier publisher of books supporting the game development, game programming, game art, and game design communities.

They will exhibit along side Thomson Course Technology at this year’s expo. In addition they will be donating books to be given away as door prizes.

We would like to thank both Charles River Media and Thomson Course Technology for supporting game development and G2Expo.

Click here to visit Charles River Media’s list of game development related titles.

Posted by: Michael Everett - 10/25/06 @ 7:19PM
Prizes Crucial Technology recently signed as a sponsor and shows their support by sending a prize pack of T-shirts, posters, and Ballistix(TM) memory to be given away in the PC tournaments hosted at this year’s expo.

Crucial Technology is a division of Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc. Crucial provides high-quality memory upgrades, graphics cards, flash memory and a host of products to enhance the entire computing experience on its Web site at Crucial offers over 200,000 upgrades for more than 25,000 desktops, notebooks, servers, routers, printers and electronic devices.

Tournaments JC Media & Entertainment's founders Michael Brandt and Damon Scott have a combined ten years experience running and competing in gaming tournaments nationwide.

Damon Scott recently got out of the Marine Corps and is actively pursuing his gaming endeavors. He has experience managing gaming centers and is a console admin and writer for the Global Gaming League.

Michael Brandt was ranked World's Third Most Dangerous Gamer in the October'06 issue of EGM magazine

Featured this year will be Super Smash Brothers Melee, Capcom vs SNK 2, Soul Calibur 3, Tekken 5, Virtual Fighter 4, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Street Fighter 2: AE, Guilty Gear Slash, Dead or Alive 4, and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Click here to visit the tournaments page and get more info.

Posted by: Michael Everett - 10/05/06 @ 11:28PM
Exhibitors The U.S. Army Mission Support Battalion will be exhibiting at this year's expo. They bring with them a unique simulation system that must be experienced by all attendees. Their exhibit will include an 18-wheel tractor-trailer that is a self-contained and climate controlled “Adventure Van.”

The Army Adventure Van incorporates several exhibits into one. While the specifics of the particular van appearing at the expo are unknown some example experiences may include flying or firing weapons on a helicopter, testing your skills and accuracy in operating an Abrams tank, or improving your marksmanship in firing an M9 on a simulated targeting system.

All experiences are simulated with the realism required to prepare troops for real world combat.

The U.S. Mission Support Battalion conducts professional mobile and fixed exhibits, provide multimedia and graphics support, and develop and produce marketing and incentive products to connect America’s people with America’s Army, enhance public awareness, and provide quality leads to the U.S. Army accessions effort.

Prizes Thomson Course Technology, the worldwide leader in computer education products and services, will exhibit at this years Goldsboro Gaming Expo.  Stop by their table to see the latest game development books and course materials available.

As an added bonus Thomson is supplying books as door prizes to be given away during various speaker sessions.  Thus making it even easier to walk away from G2Expo with all the resources needed to begin developing your own video game!

Whether you are a beginner to the world of game programming, an experienced hobbyist looking for the latest tips and techniques, or a professional game developer keeping up with technology trends, you’ll find the guidance you’re looking for in Thomson’s Game Development series.

Click here to browse through over 87 titles on subjects ranging from 3D Graphics and OpenGL programming to Game Physics and Multiplayer Programming.
Posted by: Leanna Greene - 09/27/06 @ 11:13AM
Speakers Seven speakers gave dedicated presentations at the last Goldsboro Gaming Expo, their topics ranged from Producing Your First Video Game to Advanced Materials and Mapping in 3ds Max. These videos will now be released in wmv format over the next seven weeks.

The first video is the story of Mid Carolina Media, Inc. told by it's founder Joseph Middleton. Attendees at the G2Expo'06 got an inside scoop on Ultimate Duck Hunting months before it was released.  Also included is inside information on starting your own video game company from the ground up. 

Each video link will be available next to the respected speakers name on our Speaker Page.  You may also quickly view this particular video by clicking here.
Posted by: Michael Everett - 08/26/06 @ 2:04AM
Staff Please excuse our mess as we are completing the final stages of our new website re-design in preparation for G2Expo’07! Many thanks go to our lead graphics designer Josh Berens for his contributions to this project!

The G2Expo’07 team hopes you enjoy the new layout and will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. If you have questions or comments please feel free to post in the forums or fill out the contact form!

Check back often as the new site is just the beginning. We will be announcing our new sponsors and contributors soon as well as many other aspects of G2Expo’07 which have been under development since the day after G2Expo’06!
Exhibitors Looking for a creative way to promote your products and services?  Download our prospectus and see how you can capitalize on G2Expo'07's success. Prospectus Link

The business club responsible for the Goldsboro Gaming Expo is a 501(c)3 non-profit, meaning any donations should be tax deductable!
Posted by: Michael Everett - 03/15/06 @ 10:37AM

Our next Goldsboro Gaming Expo will be held on Saturday January 27th 2007!  Mark your calendars to attend.  We always welcome new volunteers, sponsors, or contributors so feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Posted by: Michael Everett - 02/15/06 @ 3:27PM

Just wanted to let everyone know we now have a 5 minute video that you just have to check out!  Check the Event Footage section for the links!

Posted by: Michael Everett - 02/04/06 @ 10:42PM

750 Total attendees gathered for Today's Event!

Money Raised: 5084.29
Game rooms: 11
TVs: 44 
X-boxes: 10
X-box 360s: 4
Playstation 2s: 12
Gamecubes: 8
FREE Arcades: 10
Total Number Games: 91
Hotdogs sold: 480 
Lollipops sold: 300

Prize packs: 30 Tournament winner prize packs which included trophies, certificates, and $500.00 in gift cards.

308 Brand New Game Strategy Guides Given Away, 50 t-shirts,  Hundreds of misc prizes: key chains, lanyards, free song downloads, promotional materials, etc!

Listen to monday through friday (Jan 30th - Feb 3rd) for a chance to win a ticket pack to g2e!  Every night next week sets of tickets will be given away!

Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/27/06 @ 12:15AM

Listen to Bob 93.3 starting Friday January 27th for our radio advertisements!  Mario Version / Techno Version

Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/25/06 @ 11:42PM

It was confirmed today that will be in attendance at the Goldsboro Gaming Expo. 

WomenGamers.Com welcomes all types of gamers: female, male, young, old, with a passion for many different kinds of games. Their ultimate aim is to establish an environment where women gamers can be integrated with the rest of the gaming community

According to IDSA, women make up 43% of all PC gamers and 35% of console gamers-and their numbers are rising. Women gamers are more likely to play online games (53%) than male gamers (46%)
Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/21/06 @ 11:16PM
Mr. Jerry Heneghan the founder and CEO of Virtual Heroes Inc. will be the keynote speaker at the Goldsboro Gaming Expo.  For a full bio and topic information click here.
Phi Beta Lambda's newest member, Needham Park, has completed The Goldsboro Gaming Expo's official AP standard press release.  This document is available here and ready for distribution.
Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/16/06 @ 11:56PM

The North Carolina State Phi Beta Lambda website,, shines it's spotlight on the Goldsboro Gaming Expo!

Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/13/06 @ 8:10AM, Eastern North Carolina's largest privately owned ISP has become a premier sponsor of the Goldsboro Gaming Expo! will setup an exhibition booth at g2e and has also become a Professional Division member of Phi Beta Lambda. offers access solutions ranging from basic dial up Internet Access, to DSL to broadband leased line connectivity via DS3. They also specialize in web site hosting, development, and promotion. You deserve a provider that's responsive to your needs. Whether you're a large business or an individual surfing from the privacy of your own home, they are there to help!

Thanks, for your support of our event!

Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/12/06 @ 6:09PM

Bawls joins an ever growing list of sponsors for g2e. 

Made from guarana, a highly caffeinated berry native to the Amazonian rainforest, BAWLS Guarana is the carbonated beverage of tomorrow…with an extra kick.

Guarana’s naturally occurring caffeine is 2.5 times stronger that the type of caffeine usually found in coffee, tea and soft drinks, making BAWLS the most highly caffeinated soft drink in the market since its birth in 1997.

Posted by: Donald Moore - 01/11/06 @ 11:37PM

Use the code above to add a g2e banner to your website!

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