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David Sears will speak at the upcoming Carolina Games Summit taking place on February 2nd at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. His topic, “The Marquise de Sade, Machiavelli, and Me: The Truth about Power and Politics in the Game Industry,” will give insight on how producers see creatives, how creatives see producers and will help develop techniques for surviving the games industry long term. Drawing on over 1400 pages of reference including the original writings of de Sade and Machiavelli, David also interviewed game industry veterans who told the “inside stories” of their experiences in some of the greatest—and worst—game companies of our time.

David is a renowned creative director and game designer with twenty-two years of industry experience. Creative director for the critically acclaimed and best-selling series of SOCOM: US NAVY SEALs games for Playstation 2 and PSP, David has also designed for many other genres. His first work, an adaptation of Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream" was an award winning PC adventure game. His other titles include racing games, platform games and action adventures on a variety of consoles for developers including Virgin Games, Looking Glass Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Pseudo Interactive, and Ubisoft Montreal. Currently, David is the creative director for an unreleased military tactical shooter project titled, “H-Hour: World’s Elite™”.

Tickets are available to the public for $10 each and may be purchased online or at the door. The event includes video game tournaments, industry speakers, live music, educational sessions, and exhibition booths. An exciting mix of fun, academic opportunities and career exploration has been created for students, aspiring game developers, educators and professionals alike.

Visit the official web site, Carolina Games Summit, for a listing of events and additional details. Contact the event organizers at for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

About SOF Studios
SOF Studios is an independent video game studio led by elite Special Operations veterans and premier gaming experts. Currently, SOF Studios is developing an innovative military, team-based tactical shooter titled “H-Hour: World's Elite”. H-Hour is the first shooter game to feature real world Special Operations veterans as playable game characters. Shaped by the expertise and personal experiences of our decorated Heroes, H-Hour: World's Elite™ is truly the first game of its kind.

About Wayne Community College
Wayne Community College is a public, two-year college located in Goldsboro, NC with an open-door admission policy. As it works to develop a highly skilled and competitive workforce, it serves 14,000 individuals annually as well as businesses, industry and community organizations with high quality, affordable, accessible learning opportunities, including more than 100 college credit programs. Additional information can be found on the official web site:

About Carolina Games Summit
Carolina Games Summit is a hybrid event that will deliver industry speakers, video game tournaments, concerts, exhibition booths, cos-play, educational sessions, and trading card games. Compete against gamers from all over the country in a variety of popular tournaments. Enjoy all your favorite platforms including arcade, computer, and console games with both tournament and free-play options available. Additional information can be found on the official web

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