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Red Bull Solo Q is back for another tournament pitting the best amateur League of Legends players in the world against one another to crown a winner, with the champion duelist winning the chance to experience Riot Games’ League of Legends All-Star Event firsthand and compete against some of the biggest names in the scene. Players can go from hometown hero to champion and receive glory, prizes, and the coveted Red Bull Solo Q trophy!

Players can sign up and register here:

"There are multiple ways that players can win in Red Bull Solo Q which definitely makes for a wide variety of gameplay," says Red Bull gaming athlete KayPea. "Some people try to win with mechanics and outplaying or by getting the first turret; I personally live for the duel aspect of the 1v1. I love seeing what players are capable of from a mechanical point of view."

Red Bull Solo Q 2021 will build on last year's success, which attracted over 80,000 signups and national and international champions crowned around the world. Alongside the 2021 competition will be special appearances from some of the biggest stars in League of Legends, including Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, the global brand ambassador for Red Bull Solo Q 2021. Sjokz has been the face of the competition since 2019 and will be part of selected events, from national tournaments all the way to the world final.

Red Bull Solo Q allows fans to make their mark by bringing LoL players to new heights! In a world where LoL is traditionally played in a 5v5 team setting, Red Bull Solo Q will settle the score and showcase individual skill with a 1v1 gameplay format. Amateurs face-off in the top lane of Summoner's Rift and can claim victory by being the first player to get two kills under seven minutes, or one kill after seven minutes, destroying the opposing player's outer turret or achieving a 100-minion creep score first.

For more information on Red Bull Solo Q, please visit:

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