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Triangle Gaming has been dubbed the information hub for local videogaming, giving gamers access to the latest local news, information, tournaments, and events.
“We want to facilitate more involvement and interaction within the different gaming communities and organizations around the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Triangle Gaming can serve as a focal point to bring them all together, as well as provide them with up to date information and reporting on the local news, events, and players.” ~ Co-founder Brad Pittard
Triangle Gaming has set their efforts towards bringing much deserved attention to local gamers as well as their industry counterparts.
The Triangle is fast becoming known for its gaming industry, with over 30 game related companies and over 1,000 employees, developers of two of the top five most used game engines in the world, and the Triangle Game Conference for developers and game industry professionals.
Triangle Gaming has many unique local opportunities to work with as a foundation for growth in the surrounding videogame culture. Such opportunities include, the largest gaming center on the East Coast, RUaGamer, with four other gaming centers in the area all holding regular tournaments and events, as well as the massively popular Carolina Game Summit.
“We're excited to see what more opportunities and outcomes can be created by having one place for all the different gamers, communities, and organizations, to come together and share a common forum for video gaming. The local videogaming population, so far, has been scattered groups of gamers, with limited availability to connect with other local gamers. We want Triangle Gaming to remedy this.” ~ Co-Founder Dylan Liverman
About Triangle Gaming
Triangle Gaming stands behind an idea that embodies a more empowered videogame culture. It is a tool to bring together local gamers, organizations, and their industry counterparts, based on comprehensive information about the videogame culture in the area. Triangle Gaming aims to build a neutral and engaging network to facilitate the growth of local videogame outlets, and work toward further building The Triangle as the videogame hub of the east coast.

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