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VIBRAS FIVE.ONE® will again be the official headset of the 6th Annual Carolina Games Summit on February 5, 2011. Carolina Games Summit and VIBRAS FIVE.ONE first partnered earlier this year when VIBRAS sponsored all XBOX 360 tournaments allowing players to experience first hand the crisp, loud, clear, directional sound capabilities of the ten (10) individual speakers (five per ear cup).

The summit is held at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. Over 1,500 attendees will participate in this all day event focused on the gaming industry. They can sit in on educational sessions from industry speakers, interact with exhibitors demonstrating their latest products and software, and test their gaming skills in a variety of competitive video game tournaments.

VIBRAS will be providing the first officially licensed XBOX 5.1 channel headset for use in the tournaments with additional headsets to be given away in select tournaments. Gamers will be able to get their questions answered and meet with company representatives face to face at their exhibition booth throughout the entire event.

Tracy Schmeltzer, Producer of the Summit, states "After five years our attendees expect truly innovative additions to our event. VIBRAS FIVE.ONE was the extraordinary addition that changed the dynamics of our tournaments completely, giving each attendee their own 3D sound space, while effectively eliminating ambient noise."

Michael Moore, a current H2O clan member who attended last year’s event, commented, "The headset provides clear, precise tones so that you can hear the slightest movement. You can hear the grass crinkle as it's stepped upon, the distant whirring of an oncoming chopper miles away, and the distant cries of enemies alerting each other of your presence."

Tracy added, "This one addition allowed us to add more spectators and manage the other competitors without disturbing current players, two issues we have struggled with in the past, from a production standpoint these headsets are now vital to our events future success."

Track Scan, Inc. is a leading provider of audio technology for sports and electronic gaming. Track Scan’s new line of gaming and personal audio products-VIBRAS- includes the VIBRAS FIVE.ONE Surround Sound Headset System; the only headset to earn Microsoft's authorization as "Licensed for Xbox 360." The VIBRAS FIVE.ONE headset features 10 speakers (five in each ear), enabling the player to feel inside the game. There is also a USB version available for PC gaming, movies, music and VOIP. Track Scan was founded in 1993 & is privately owned and based in Mooresville, NC with offices in Taiwan and China. For more information visit

About Carolina Games Summit
Carolina Games Summit will be held Saturday February 5th 2011 10AM – 9PM at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. This hybrid event will once again deliver industry speakers, video game tournaments, concerts, exhibition booths, cos-play, educational sessions, and trading card games. Compete against gamers from all over the country in a variety of popular tournaments. Enjoy all your favorite platforms including arcade, computer, and console games with both tournament and free play options available. Additional information can be found on the official web site: For more information visit

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