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The Carolina Games Summit held Saturday February 5, 2011 featured live bands, speakers and exhibitors from game development companies, along with representatives from local colleges and schools who feature game design programs.  The all day event also featured 22 tournaments across all gaming platforms and genres.  Tournament winners are recognized in front of 400 fellow gamers at the end of the day during the student produced awards ceremony.  Custom made videos show off the individual games prior to the winners being escorted to the stage.  All videos featured during the ceremony are produced by Simulation and Game Development students at Wayne Community College.  First place winners receive a plaque imprinted with a full color image unique to each tournament and are created by former WCC Networking student Josh Berens.

In addition all top three winners receive medals along with prizes supplied by the event sponsors. 

"We do not advertise prizes ahead of the event, just the custom made plaques and medals." Michael Everett an Instructor at Wayne Community College and the events Creative Director states, "We want our attendees to come for fun and recognition not for the prizes, that way when they receive a prize it is like a bonus."

The event has 106 winners across 22 tournaments who seek the thrill of being recognized making the months of practice worth it.  Many of the competitors featured below are examples of hard core gamers who practice their skills on a regular basis.  Many may be practicing to become professional gamers but few will actually make it.  The opportunity is there and in some cases players can bring in six figure salaries by joining leagues such as Major League Gaming where Electronic Sports Gamers sign $250,000 yearly deals to compete. 

Traditional card gaming is also represented along with a costume contest judged by Penny Dreadful Productions an Atlanta based conceptual design and physical production company. Their work has been seen in major motion pictures such as The Book of Eli.

The Carolina Games Summit congratulates this years winners and looks forward to seeing their skills improve at next event on Saturday Feb 4th 2012.  Each year the Carolina Games Summit grows to include more features, attendees, and partners.  For more information about the event please visit

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Tournament Director Josh Berens, Erik Ramsey

1st Place:
Jonathan Layton

2nd Place:
Kyle Lee

3rd Place:
Shaun Cosby

Bloodline Champions

Tournament Director Glen Swan.

Sponsored by the game's publisher: Funcom of Raleigh and the developer: Stunlock Studios of Skövde, Sweden!

1st Place: Team Angry Birds
-Jennifer Young
-Bradleigh Sceviour
-Malcolm Heath

2nd Place: Team Paragon
-Brandon Smith
-Zack Beasley
-David Howell

3rd Place: Team Roll With The Punches
-Jose Perez
-Patric Doe
-Chris Lambert

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Tournament Director Ashton Williams

1st Place: Team Legend
-Adam Stacks
-Parks Florence
-Stacy Norman
-Ricky Cruz

2nd Place: Team The Random Chodes
-Jeff Stone
-Bryan Jackson
-Austin Wheeler
-Bryan Carmona

3rd Place: Team Beby and the Beasts
-Nelson Ruiz
-Johathan Ruiz
-Josh Dejesus
-Louts Corter

Capcom VS SNK 2

Tournament Director Gilbert Nicks

1st Place:
Daryl Gatling

2nd Place:
Larry Gray

3rd Place:
Redgie Gudger

Costume Contest

Sponsored and Directed by Penny Dreadful Productions of Atlanta, GA

3rd Place
Amanda Smith
Dressed as The Witch, from the Left 4 Dead series

2nd Place
Shannon Mercer
Dressed as Cooking Mama from the Cooking Mama series

1st Place
Brandon Perez
Dressed as Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender

Dance Dance Revolution

Tournament Director Samantha Pickard

1st Place:
Nicholas Denty

2nd Place:
Jerred Miklowcic

3rd Place:
Chris Fowler

Gears of War 2

Tournament Director Jason Brogden

Sponsored by the game's developer: Epic Games of Raleigh, NC

1st Place: Team Trigger Envy
-Adam Kennedy
-Andrew Fraser
-Jayne Chamberlain
-Chad Quinn

2nd Place: Team Twisted
-Tyler Newton
-Michael Edwards
-Charles Kreh
-Michael Newton

3rd Place: Team The Predictables
-Jacob Mccullough
-Andrew Sanders
-Ryan Wellmer
-Danial Paske

Halo Reach Free for All Tournament

Tournament Director Jason Sponaugle.

Sponsored by GameFrog of Durham

1st Place:
Nick Joyner

2nd Place:
Hayden Crooks

3rd Place:
Tyler Mozingo

Halo Reach 4v4 Tournament

Sponsored by GameFrog of Durham

1st Place: Team Super Natural
-Brandon Parker
-Tyler Mozingo
-Jimmy Hargreaves
-Nick Joyner

2nd Place: Team No Days Off
-Wes Albrecht
-Michael Ellis
-Daniel Swift
-Chirs Ohnstad

3rd Place: Team Beyond Reality
-Hayden Crooks
-Patrick Rishe
-Aaric Artis
-Tre Claude

Madden 2011

Tournament Director John Larson, Erik Robinson

Sponsored by Elite Zone of Fayetteville

1st Place:
Jonte Sutton

2nd Place:
Brad Whitmire

Magic The Gathering

Tournament Director Johnna Koonce

Mirrodin Besieged

Sponsored by Gamers-Gathering of Goldsboro and Jacksonville

1st Place:
Eric Brunkhorst

2nd Place:
Zanial Maloney

3rd Place:
James Richmond

Constructed Tournament

Sponsored by Gamers-Gathering of Goldsboro and Jacksonville

1st Place:
Daniel Rowland

2nd Place:
Nick Ham

3rd Place:
Logan Zimmerman

Marvel VS Capcom 2

Tournament Director Gilbert Nicks

1st Place:
William White

2nd Place:
Robin Price

3rd Place:
Robbie Evans

Rock Band 3

Tournament Director Cody Tracy

Sponsored by the game's developer: Harmonix Music Systems of Cambridge, MA

3rd Place: Team T.N.E.

3rd Place
-Chris Howard
-Brett Moore
-Daniel Best
-Casey Moore

2nd Place: Team The Last Stand

-Rafael Briviezca
-Austin Walker
-Sarah Porter
-Holly Parrish

1st Place: Team Blame the Fallen

-Aisha Rosario
-Chelsea Olson
-Carl Bowen
-Jennifer Jolly
-Austin Walker

Showmanship Award
-Carl Bowen
-Jennifer Jolly
-Austin Walker
-Rafael Briviezca

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Tournament Director John Flowe.

Sponsored by Elite Gaming Republic of Raleigh

1st Place:
Matthew Manglli

2nd Place:
Michael Manglli

3rd Place:
Cameron Decker

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tournament Director Joshua Parker

1st Place:
Julius Melvin

2nd Place:
Lance Shields

3rd Place:
Felix Rivera

Super Street Fighter 4

Tournament Director Erik Ramsey, Josh Berns

1st Place:
Jonathan Layton

2nd Place:
William White

3rd Place:
Brent Taylor

Tatsunoko VS Capcom

Tournament Director Joshua Parker

1st Place:
Robin Price

2nd Place:
Andy Lim

3rd Place:
Timothy Gill

Tekken 6

Tournament Director Josh Berens

1st Place:
Larry Anderson

2nd Place:
Mike McCarley

3rd Place:
Shaun Cosby

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

Tournament Director Johnna Koonce

Sponsored by Gamers-Gathering of Goldsboro and Jacksonville

1st Place:
Dale Rliquelme-Ginger

2nd Place:
Dan Rowland

3rd Place:
Nathan Dickens


Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game

Tournament Director Johnna Koonce

Sponsored by Gamers-Gathering of Goldsboro and Jacksonville

1st Place: Kevin Davis

2nd Place: Aaron Washington

3rd Place: Tristan Shortis

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