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Forums > The Lounge > Official UT3 Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Official UT3 Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilmington, NC
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Post Date: 02/20/10 @ 2:26AM Topic: Official UT3 Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Presents Cash Tournament

16 player 1v1 tournament on Feb 20-21st. Small cash payout through 3rd place. Map pool will include Gritt, Azul, Subterrane, and a few stock maps in their competitive versions. Four servers will be provided by FnA and are pc hosted in various locations. We'll even have a UK server available for those who need it. The entire event will be streamed and shout-casted via FnA's Video Page (just hit the "play" button when we're "live") Please join us if you're free the weekend of the 20th. We're hoping to have some sort of HD stream going, just not sure yet. If SD is our only option we'll at least have VOD in HD (for future playback).

For more details follow the links BELOW!

Guest spectator sign-up.

Please note: this is our first tournament to host, as a team, in UT3. Bare with us if it's not a flawless production. We're just trying to create a little bit of fun with one of our favorie all-time shooters. UT3 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!



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